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What Is Green Travel & How Can One Adopt The Same To Make A Difference

| Published on May 31, 2022

For those who love travelling, and at the same time, want to reduce their carbon footprint, going green, is the one viable option. With more and more people adopting this lifestyle while travelling, here’s some know-how about this exciting travel concept.

What is green travel?

What Is Green Travel & How Can One Adopt The Same To Make A Difference

Sustainable travel better known as ecotourism involves making conscious simple choices during the travelling process, in order to reduce the negative impact on the destination involved. While efforts by just a few people may not appear to make a huge difference initially, this process benefits from what we call snowballing, where small steps taken by people will affect cumulatively, over a period of time.

Green travel involves making smarter choices while travelling. This helps lessen effluence. When we choose greener options during transportation, hotel stay, shopping etc. we mitigate the damage done to the ecosystem and also benefit local people.

Why is it important

What Is Green Travel & How Can One Adopt The Same To Make A Difference

While we all are using the planet’s limited resources to our fullest capacity, it is important to realize that we are causing more harm than good. Green travel helps in combatting this and offering avenues by which one can make positive changes in the environment.

Green travel is a responsible variant of travel, also because it changes the flow of money. Rather than money going to tour operators who have commercialized travel, that very money goes to local communities who need it the most.

Practical ways of to reducing carbon footprint while travelling

The air travel industry is one of the major contributors to air pollution. Though it is quick and convenient, one can always do something useful when there is no option but to catch that plane. For example, adopting carbon offsetting, or using that very amount to donate to green organizations, like NGOs committed to making the planet a greener pollution-free one.

Don’t just be a tourist. Become an ecotourist! This involves planning one’s entire holiday or a trip around the conservation of the ecosystem and contributing back to it.

While packing for one’s trip, choose greener alternatives. For example, reduce unnecessary baggage and pack smart by mostly bringing essentials. Also, use items that can be reused and are not just a one-time use product that should be thrown away, like plastics.

The best time according to green travel experts is to go on a trip offseason. This is better for travellers as they can avoid crowds and the local community as well.

What Is Green Travel & How Can One Adopt The Same To Make A Difference

The emergence of eco-friendly hotels has also given impetus to green travel. Use them for your stay. Eat at local restaurants or diners, where meals are made with local ingredients and have not necessarily

Ride or just simply set on foot. No need for gas-emitting four-wheelers. Opting for public transport too is a viable option.

While using lodging services, take care to switch off showers, take quicker showers and not abuse the available toiletries. Also, opt for housekeeping services when necessary and required.

While on a plane, opt for direct flights. Opt for those flights which use alternative and greener sources of fuel.

And of course, carry your own bag while shopping.

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