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SC Directs MIB To Submit Affidavit On SDC Recommendations Within 3 Weeks

A bench of Supreme Court has directed the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) to submit an affidavit within three weeks. This affidavit should include the recommendations regarding the 'self-declaration certificate' (SDC) mandate.

| Published on July 9, 2024

SC Directs MIB To Submit Affidavit On SDC Recommendations Within 3 Weeks

The bench of Justice Hima Kohli and Justice Sandeep Mehta have directed the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) to file an affidavit with the Supreme Court within three weeks outline the recommendations concerning the ‘self-declaration certificate’ (SDC) mechanism.

As per reports, various associations, including ISA, AAAI, IAMAI, and the Association of Radio Operators, etc, filed intervention applications.

Justice Kohli has directed the Ministry to maintain ongoing dialogue with stakeholders to develop a feasible implementation mechanism. Recommendations are to be submitted within three weeks. Meanwhile, the MIB advisory remains effective. The next hearing is scheduled for July 30.

Reports quoted her saying, “The intention is not to cause any harm to anybody. The intention is only to focus on particular sectors and particular aspects. So whatever is extraneous and somehow is being interpreted otherwise shall be clarified. But we must have a clarity on this…request you to convene a meeting so that all the stakeholders and the senior most officers of your department can have a brainstorming.”

“The industry is should not suffer in any manner, the Ministry is directed to continue the churning of ideas and have further meetings in this direction and file an affidavit making its recommendations within three weeks,” she added.

Justice Kohli emphasised the importance of implementing a streamlined regime without imposing undue burdens. She stressed the need for operational efficiency and proper implementation, suggesting, “Whatever has to be shortened and simplified should be done.”

During the hearing, there was a suggestion to that one portal should be made mandatory for uploading SDCs, instead of having two separate portals, reports stated.

“The MIB has held high level meetings with various stakeholders with the idea of resolving the issues and the difficulties expressed by them, such meetings shall be taken further when and all the interveners and others who are deemed appropriate, to streamline the issues and point out the difficulties being faced,” it was noted.

This follows MIB’s advisory issued on July 4, restricting the SDC requirement for advertisements concerning Food and Health products and services, mandating an annual upload.

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