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Netflix Is Creating All The Buzz With Their Ads For Famous Series ‘Wednesday’

| Published on December 23, 2022

Netflix has been known to promote its top series in the most iconic ways. The OTT platform goes all in with its OOH marketing approach creating a well-needed buzz around the new release.

This time, Netflix has taken it upon itself to promote the new series Wednesday. The popular series has been receiving a lot of applause on social media and people have been loving the new adaptation.

Tim Burton’s show starring Jenna Ortega has gained a lot of traction for its spooky and fun version of this iconic show. But the one thing that everyone is talking about is the ‘Thing‘.

The makers launched the infamous ‘Thing’ onto the people of New York and recorded their real-time reactions. While many got scared by the moving dismembered hand, the true fans of the show found it really interesting.

‘Thing’ On The Go

Not just in New York, Netflix unleashed the ‘Thing’ with a very interesting post on Twitter that said ‘for anyone struggling before the holiday break, HANG IN THERE’.

Promoting the ‘Dark Side’

Netflix has really upped the game with the launch of ‘Wednesday’. The show has a dark humor to it which everyone is really enjoying. Netflix was sure to use dark humor in its marketing gimmicks.

The OTT platform put up hoardings all over starring Wednesday & Thing spreading their darkness all around.

Netflix Is Creating All The Buzz With Their Ads For Famous Series 'Wednesday'

Thing: CGI or Human?

While the hand has been garnering all the attention on social media, did you know that Thing isn’t some well-crafted CGI or animated creation? It is played by a real person.

A new video by Netflix explains how executive producer/director Tim Burton required a whole man to be hired to portray the character.

Romanian magician Victor Dorobantu, who had never acted before was signed on as Thing.

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