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How PhonePe Maximized The Reach Of #DaduGablu Campaign At IPL 2019

| Published on April 3, 2019

India’s most coherent digital payments app, PhonePe, is using all its wit this IPL season to bring before it’s users, that evidently they are the nation’s answer to all cashless payments. PhonePe, very recently joined hands with Aamir Khan, their new Brand Ambassador, to target their prospective users and let them know that their app is “Humesha Loaded” unlike the other mobile wallets which need to recharged frequently.

PhonePe is a user-friendly, Unified Payments Interface based mobile application that is connected with the bank accounts of its users and hence allow them to directly pay using the same.

Who can forget the Famous #DadduGablu Ads?

#DadduGablu Ads that are being aired these days are traced in such a way that the message it tends to convey is loud and clear, and the fact that PhonePe, the Flipkart subsidiary is superior to all its competitors gets deep-rooted in the minds of their audience. Sameer Nigam, the CEO of PhonePe takes the help of the Paytm color theme and fonts to mock at India’s mobile wallet app, Paytm. And with this smart and humorous advertisement, he lets the world know that his brainchild, PhonePe, is safer than their biggest rival, Paytm.

In this one-of-a-kind advertisement, Daddu and Gublu represent the new developing India that is ready to take up changes on its way. The duo wants convenience coupled with safety and security for all their payment related matters, and hence they use PhonePe.

The gamble of Quid-Pro-Quo

To make things worse for its competitors, PhonePe, started taking help of the other widely accepted mobile applications for its promotion. The brands, like KFC and Ola cabs, despite being unrelated initiated promoting the campaign on social media. They are taking so much trouble for PhonePe because the application has something in return for these unrelated apps as well. PhonePe has very recently found a way to include a host of other mobile apps onto its platform without compromising much on quality. It launched the “apps” feature in 2018 and boasts of over 30 apps on the platform including Ola, Myntra, IRCTC, Oyo etc.

Nigam said that both the consumers and companies like his brainchild because the consumers get access to myriad apps from all domains under a single roof, whereas the companies get hold of more than 100 Million regular users of PhonePe.

The vast reach..

PhonePe aims to reach a huge number of audience through its #DaduGablu campaign, and hence it shows its Brand Ambassador, Khan, as a senior citizen for whom the safety and simplicity of this UPI based app are of more importance than any other feature offered by its adversaries. Now to focus on the compatibility of this application, they used Gablu, a young kid, to show that PhonePe is for one and all, from all walks of life, irrespective of their age and technical know-how.

The brand is banking on the celebrity endorsement to generate recall and to reach users across India. It is the only major advertisement from the company’s end, in its journey of 3 long years because their founder thought it necessary to reach a certain scale and have a solid product in place before promoting themselves on mass media.

And needless to mention, what an amazing way to entice curiousness among the audience alongside saying that ‘We are the best!’ – Well Done, Phonepe!

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