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How Giani Ice Cream Became A National Success Story

| Published on July 11, 2022

There are many companies in India that have been operating since way before the partition. They have not only attained national recognition but have also attained a lot of love and appreciation from one and all.

One such company that nestled its roots during the time of the partition is Giani Ice Cream. While many of you may have enjoyed the sweet taste of the confectionary produce, not many are aware of the origin story of one of the most popular brands.

Where It All Began

In 1956 Giani-di-Hatti was set up in the main market of Fatehpuri, Chandni Chowk by Giani Gurcharan Singh who belonged to then Lyallpur (Faislabad), Pakistan. His rabri-faluda and mango shakes became famous almost instantly and became a household name locally.

How Giani Ice Cream Became A National Success Story

In 1962, Giani-di-Hatti bought its first machine. Though it was a second-hand one, it came with an investment of Rs 12,000.

in 1970, the business was divided into two; Gurcharan Sons and Giani Ice Cream. Giani Ice Cream was then managed by Giani Gurcharan Singh and his son Shri Gurbachan Singh.

With the combined efforts of the father-son duo, Giani Ice Cream became popular nationwide. It became a must-visit for local politicians and celebrities like Raj Kapoor and Mohammad Rafi.

How Giani Ice Cream Became A National Success Story

Franchisee Expansion

In 1999, Giani Ice Cream’s first store was set up in Delhi’s Rajouri Garden. Almost a decade later, the three sons of Giani Gurcharan Singh decided to part ways from the family business. However, it was the eldest son Shri Gurbachan Singh who continued to bear the torch.

Shri Gurbachan Singh‘s lineage took the name forward by expanding the chain of franchise ice cream stores across NCR under the original name.

A new manufacturing facility was set up in Manesar, Haryana. Machinery was imported from the US and Italy to churn creamy ice cream out of 300 liters of milk a day. The flavors and types of ice-creams continued to increase and now include over 100 varieties.

How Giani Ice Cream Became A National Success Story

The company has 40 outlets across Delhi and has a presence through the franchisee model in other cities including Bengaluru, Mumbai, and six others with a total of 100 stores across India.

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Taranjit Singh, son of Gurbachan Singh, talks about how the brand worked around the pandemic and make its packaging tamper-proof.

66 years since Giani Ice Cream was established and the current management plans to grow it as much as possible.

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