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Bengaluru Cops Are Against The 30 Mins Delivery Time Marketing Strategy. See Why

| Published on January 23, 2020

How excited the idea of 30-minute delivery or free pizza is? Ever found yourself wishing that the delivery partner gets late? SMH!

Well, no one would mind having a free pizza but we never put a thought on finding out HOW would we get this free pizza? Where the cost is actually being cut from? Let’s find out!

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Bengaluru Police Commissioner Tweets To Seize The Concept Of 30-Minute Delivery!

Every time we get a free pizza for late delivery, the food company cuts the same amount from the delivery person’s total payment. Most of us have been unaware of the fact but it’s not only rude but fails to make any sense.

Concerned with the same, this Bengaluru cop stepped forward and tweeted a post highlighting how these delivery men risk their lives in order to reach the place on time. He also requested the eateries to extend the delivery time to 40 minutes instead of 30 minutes.

Amazingly, most of the people were observed to agree with the concept that the cop presented.

The post received admirable 6.3K retweets and 24.9K likes. The fact that most of the Twitter users saw the situation eye-to-eye and pleaded change was pleasurable.


If one is in hurry and the hunger cannot await, picking the order yourself sounds great!

Something is better than nothing…

Delivery partners are boon to our society and we shall all appreciate them for making an effort and bringing us food!

It is free to be kind. Then, why not be? We should all be treating the boys with respect and affection.

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