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YouTube Music Reveals Exciting New Features For Users!

YouTube Music allows users to infuse their playlists with a personal touch.

| Published on November 1, 2023

YouTube Music Reveals Exciting New Features For Users!

YouTube Music, with its vast user base of over 2 billion monthly users, has just dropped a bomb of exciting features to elevate your music experience. Whether you are a playlist maestro or someone who enjoys hitting replay, these additions are designed to make your time on YouTube Music more personalized and enjoyable.

“Starting today, we’ll begin rolling out a new experimental feature for English language US users on YouTube Music that creates customised playlist art using generative AI,” YouTube mentioned that this feature will be accessible in additional regions and languages shortly.

YouTube Music New Features

1. AI Artwork for Custom Playlists

Youtube Music app screens

Revolutionizing playlist customization, YouTube Music introduces an experimental generative AI feature for English language users in the US. Say goodbye to the generic grid view – now, users can curate playlist artwork using AI. This feature adds a unique touch, allowing users to select from categories like Colors, Cycles, Travel, Moods, and more. It’s an artistic leap that transforms your playlists into visual masterpieces.

Note: The feature is currently in its experimental phase, initially launched in the US but expected to expand globally.

2. Speed Dial

The revamped “Listen Again” feature, now named “Speed Dial,” promises a swift return to your most-played tunes. Located on the Home Tab, it provides a quick and easy way to jump back into the music you can’t get enough of. While not immediately available, YouTube Music assures users that in the coming months, exploring and revisiting your favorite songs and artists will be a seamless experience.

3. Redesigned “Listen Again” Layout

youtube music desktop screen

The “Listen Again” feature has undergone a facelift. Previously presenting 20 items in a carousel, it now showcases 9 items in a grid layout. This includes songs, albums, and playlists. The redesign offers a cleaner look, making navigation smoother for users who want to dive back into their preferred music quickly. Tapping on an item initiates playback in a convenient mini player, avoiding disruptions to your browsing.

4. Dedicated Comments Feature

Recognizing the social aspect of music enjoyment, YouTube Music has added a dedicated comments feature. Now, users can share their thoughts and connect with others in the YouTube Music community. This feature enhances the communal experience of discovering and appreciating music, bringing people together through shared musical interests.

5. Timed Lyrics, Create a Radio, and Samples Tab

YouTube Music doesn’t stop there. Recent additions like timed lyrics, the ability to create personalized radio stations, and the introduction of the Samples tab offer users more ways to interact with and enjoy their favorite tunes. Dive into the lyrics, explore new tracks with a radio tailored to your taste, and discover samples that add an extra layer to your music exploration.

Excited for these features? Let us know in the comments below!

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