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YouTube Introduces 7 New Features – Discover What’s Fresh!

New changes aim to make your YouTube experience smoother, more enjoyable, and packed with exciting options.

| Published on October 20, 2023

YouTube Introduces 7 New Features - Discover What's Fresh!

In an exciting move, YouTube, the popular video platform owned by Google, has introduced seven new features and design updates to make your online video experience even better.

These changes promise a more engaging and amazing interaction for users across the globe. Checkout the exciting features that are set to change and improve your YouTube journey.

7 New YouTube Features

1. Stable Volume

YouTube has introduced a stable volume feature to ensure a smoother watching and listening experience. This automatic adjustment minimizes abrupt changes in volume, providing a more enjoyable atmosphere.

2. Press to 2x

For those who enjoy consuming content at double speed, YouTube has simplified the process. Users can now press and hold anywhere on the player, in both full screen and portrait mode, to instantly switch the playback speed to 2x. This feature caters to web, tablet, and mobile users.

3. Seek with Ease

Seeking through videos is now more user-friendly with larger preview thumbnails. YouTube has made it convenient to go back while seeking—simply move your finger to the starting point and lift when you feel a vibration, seamlessly returning you to the exact part of the video where you left off.

4. Lock Screen

Mobile and tablet users can now enjoy a lock screen feature, preventing unwanted interruptions and providing an uninterrupted viewing experience.

5. You Tab

The Library tab and account page have been merged into a consolidated space called You tab. This new section houses previously watched videos, playlists, downloads, purchases, and account-related settings, offering users a centralized hub for their YouTube activities.

6. Search by Voice or Song

YouTube is introducing a fun and innovative way to search for songs. Users can now search by playing, singing, or humming, with AI technology matching the sound to the original recording. This feature, initially available on Android devices, will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

7. Animations

To add a touch of vibrancy, YouTube is incorporating animations. When creators prompt viewers to “like” or “subscribe,” visual cues on these buttons will appear in sync with the video. Additionally, there are subtle but delightful animations like rotating top comments and real-time updates of view and like counts for the first 24 hours of new video uploads.

Youtube new features to SmartTV experienceThese features are not limited to mobile and web users; YouTube has also revamped its SmartTV experience. Viewers can now access video details through a new vertical menu, offering a cleaner look. Similar improvements have been made on web and mobile, including a scrollable description section with a sleeker design.

As these features gradually roll out worldwide, users can look forward to a more dynamic and enjoyable YouTube experience across various devices.

What are your thoughts on these super cool features of Youtube?

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