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YouTube Introduces AI-Powered Music Advertising Solutions For Gen Z

| Published on May 1, 2023

YouTube has announced the launch of new music ad solutions powered by AI that are specifically designed to help brands tap into the latest music trends and reach out to the Gen Z audience.

YouTube Introduces AI-Powered Music Advertising Solutions For Gen Z

YouTube has unveiled two new AI-powered services that make it simpler for businesses to market to Gen Z by exploiting hit songs. Even though the Google-owned video site has long used AI to suggest films to viewers, the new ad capabilities are now available to further YouTube’s position as a complete music platform and provide a range of tools for businesses looking to use music to engage a younger audience.

After the recent Coachella festival, YouTube has unveiled its latest features, positioning itself as “the ultimate destination for content during festival season,” — especially among Gen Z — “who come to the platform to share and engage with videos ranging from performance highlights to outfit inspiration, vlogs, and more.”

The YouTube Music catalog has over 100 million songs, with localized versions available in over 100 different languages and 80 different countries. This platform continues to provide its users with a diverse music experience.

According to a report by TalkShoppe, Gen Z viewers between the ages of 18 and 24 tend to divide their viewing time across various video formats. They spend no more than 22% of their total viewing time on a single format.

New AI-Powered Music Ads: Targeting Gen Z and Trending Music on Shorts

YouTube Introduces AI-Powered Music Advertising Solutions For Gen Z

Gen Z Music and a Trending Music on Shorts pilot are two new music ad choices that YouTube has offered to help marketers reach Gen Z users in response to this issue.

These options allow brands to connect with Gen Z through the hottest music of the moment, featuring modern artists such as Unhealthy Bunny, Doechii, and Rosalía, as well as classic hits by Cyndi Lauper and emerging underground talents.

By incorporating the music that Gen Z repeatedly listens to, advertisers can set up a meaningful connection with this viewers.

Another option for marketers to reach Gen Z is the Trending Music on Shorts experiment, which will launch in the upcoming months.

Why YouTube Is the Alternative Platform for Gen Z Music Fans

YouTube Introduces AI-Powered Music Advertising Solutions For Gen Z

According to Pew Research Centre, more American teens use YouTube than any other social media platform.

Moreover, a recent Ipsos study found that 59% of Gen Z viewers rely on short-form video apps like YouTube Shorts to discover content that they can watch in longer formats.

Viewers may listen to entire songs, participate in music trends, and uncover new music that is currently popular on YouTube’s versatile platform.

YouTube has the perfect location to meet the needs of Gen Z listeners, whether through Shorts or longer-form content.

Between the lines

In conclusion, YouTube’s new AI-powered music adverts are a sign of the platform’s continued innovation and commitment to delivering personalized and engaging experiences to its audience.

As Gen Z becomes an increasingly important demographic for advertisers, this new tool will provide a powerful way to create more impactful and memorable ads that resonate with this audience. However, advertisers need to approach this technology with caution and respect for their audience’s privacy and boundaries.

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