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Why Manyavar Mohey Chose Alia Bhatt As Its New Brand Ambassador

| Published on September 8, 2019

After Kartik Aaryan, the Mohey collection from Manyavar has roped in one of the most admired Bollywood youth icon Alia Bhatt to endorse the Mohey collection – ethnic celebration wear for women. The commercial has been conceptualized by Shreyansh Innovations and is directed by Abhishek Verman.

Manyavar Mohey

Why Alia Bhatt?

1. Fashionista

Alia Bhatt has a wonderful fashion sense and is looked upon by the young generations when it comes to attire and clothing. She is a fashion diva for many young girls across the country.

2. Bold and confident

The T.V. commercial of Manyavar Mohey basically focuses on the thoughts a woman has when she walks down the aisle. Alia Bhatt plays the role of the bride, walking down the aisle, with several thoughts in her mind. Her thoughts take several turns, from being underconfident to a sassy girl who can run the show. To do a role of this kind, Mohey certainly needed a face who can be as bold and confident like Alia Bhatt.

Words from the Managing Director

Ravi Modi, the Managing Director said that Alia’s association with Manyavar is a big decision for the brand. In the recent past, Alia has been revered for her remarkable performances and this belief in being her truest self has furthered the alliance. As a brand Mohey too believes in embracing and celebrating every unique identity and Alia is the perfect match for the brand ethos.

Words from Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt said that she is really excited to work with Manyavar Mohey and she also looks forward to connecting with young women everywhere, through this campaign, which is all about a bride’s emotions on her special day. She adds on that it was great working with Mohey, and she hopes that everyone loves the work she has done.

Words from the CEO

Shreyansh Baid, founder and CEO of the Shreyansh Innovations Pvt. Ltd, says that the moment in which a girl becomes a bride is perhaps one of the most remarkable moments of her life. She goes through a seesaw of emotions as she takes each step into this new life.

Through the commercial, Manyavar wanted to tap into this mixed bag of rollercoaster feelings churning in the mind of the bride. With this fantastic association with Alia Bhatt, Mohey wanted the commercial to be a reflection of her energy and youthful exuberance.

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