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The Ways New Jio Smartphone Will Bring A New Telecom Era In India

| Published on July 26, 2017

It was last year that Reliance Industries created a revolution in the market with providing free unlimited data package under the name Jio. What better could Mukesh Ambani do? Well to launch a Jio ‘India Ka Smartphone’ that just costs Rs.0 effectively.

You must be already aware of the fact that RIL just launched Jio 4G Volte phone that just needs Rs. 1500 during the booking. It strikes out from other feature phones available in the market in lots of ways but the best thing is that one can use this phone for three years and give it back claiming a refund!

Jio has already got millions of subscribers and has given a tough fight to its counterparts but the market analysts view this new launch would create a new era in the telecom market in India.

Let’s go into future and decode!

1. Price Cuts And Change In Plans

When Jio came in the market, other competitors like Airtel and Vodafone had made a lot of changes in their network plans just to be in the market and match up with the phase. But this sudden announcement of Jio phones and plans of just enjoying unlimited data and free voice call with a subscription of Rs. 153 per month will not be an easy way to deal with. With these crores of the phone to hit the market soon and with Jio already having a base of users, others will have to make changes in their plans or rather have to take up some unique new methods to be in competition!

2. End of 2G/3G?

2G networks are just getting extinct now. It’s 25 years of presence in India is fading with the onset of the 4G era. Even nowadays countries are heading towards new innovations to make 5G plans work out. India has one of the biggest telecom markets in the world yet 2G or 3G users exist in a larger bulk compared to the other countries.

Ambani announced he will soon make India a 4G market in near future. Having almost millions of 4G subscribers for Jio, the new Phone will attract more customers spreading 4G technology even lower middle-class people and rural areas can get a hand on the set. If Reliance is successful, then India will excel in the 4G market soon in near future!

3. DTH Sector

Jio’s in-built apps are already quite popular among masses. But the new 4G Volte phone has a feature that one has free cable and pre-loaded videos and can enjoy them on the television screen. And all this comes just at a minimal cost of Rs. 309 per month. Not only that but also free voice calls and unlimited data comes along with this.

Still in many parts of India getting a DTH connection is tough and costly especially in rural areas. But with Jio making the access so easy and cheap might lead to a threat to DTH Sector.

4. Improve In 4G Connectivity

Reliance Jio entered the telecom sector in India in September 2016 with a fully 4G network. From then on there was no looking back. It has sworn the market and disrupted many 2G and 3G plans. 4G is the new fashion but many parts still are deprived of this connectivity. But that’s what exactly Ambani aims at!

Increase the user base all across and make India a 4G based network. If this happens then definitely it’s a new era of Indian Telecom market!

5. Disruption Of Low-Cost Phone Market

A phone costing just Rs. 1500 and has all features like voice command, in-built apps, safe button, free voice calls etc will surely cause threats to low feature phone market of companies like Micromax, Lava, Intex and much more. The companies will have to recreate their phone features to match Jio’s one. They will eye for lowering budget and other related things to make their phones appealing in the market.

But that competition will surely help the telecom market to grow in India!

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