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Viacom18 Studios’ Fighter Movie Amazed Audience With It’s Marketing Strategy

Viacom18 Studios' strategic brilliance in merging online and on-ground tactics for #Fighter undoubtedly set a new benchmark in movie marketing.

| Published on February 5, 2024

Viacom18 Studios' Fighter Movie Amazed Audience With It's Marketing Strategy

Viacom18 Studios left no stone unturned in the promotion of the movie Fighter, employing a multifaceted marketing strategy that seamlessly transitioned from online to on-ground innovations. Let’s explore the various elements that contributed to the success of #Fighter.

#ThankYouFighter Campaign

The launch of the #ThankYouFighter campaign triggered a nationwide wave of gratitude, with over 10 lakh digital messages and 2.5 lakh handwritten letters pouring in from every corner of the country. The campaign went beyond the virtual realm, personally delivering the nation’s gratitude to the air warriors at the Pune Air Base.

Brand Association Extravaganza

#Fighter forged partnerships with more than 50 brands, including industry giants like Godrej Home Securities, Kotak PVR card, Bisleri, Croma, and Dr. Ortho Pain Relief. This extensive brand association significantly amplified the movie’s reach and impact.


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#BeAFighter Campaign

The #BeAFighter campaign on Meta marked an industry-first with a conversational chatbot, achieving a remarkable 60% engagement rate. This groundbreaking initiative became the largest Opt-In Campaign globally on the platform, showcasing the innovative prowess of Viacom18 Studios.

IAF Band Collaboration

Collaborating with the Indian Air Force Band, #Fighter showcased a powerful rendition of #VandeMataram, uniting the nation in a shared spirit of patriotism. This unique collaboration added a layer of emotional resonance to the movie’s promotion.

Outdoor Activation Extravaganza With Mumbai’s Transformation


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On-ground initiatives in Mumbai included eye-catching displays such as the Island Display at Juhu, anamorphic art installations in Sion, an active aircraft display at Carter Road, and a plane rotation in Mahim. These outdoor activations transformed the cityscape and heightened anticipation for the movie.

Lingo Takeover

Inspiring a linguistic revolution, #Fighter brought aviation lingo to the forefront of internet discussions, captivating over 5 million participants. The campaign successfully turned aviation terminology into a trending topic, showcasing its influence on popular culture.

Media Domination

The #Fighter campaign made a significant impact in the news world, dominating headlines and captivating audiences. Viacom18 Studios orchestrated a media storm, leaving an indelible mark on the media outlook. Additionally, the print leg of the campaign invited millions to scan QR codes, directing them to the superb trailer and engaging the nation in the inspiring story of valor and dedication.

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