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V From BTS Sparks Compose Coffee Sales Surge in 10 Days To Global Expansion

Compose Coffee gained more than 12 million users in just 10 days by the magnetic appeal of BTS star Taehyung.

| Published on January 9, 2024

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Compose Coffee orchestrated a groundbreaking partnership, potentially the most lucrative deal in its history, by enlisting BTS member V as its brand ambassador. This move triggered a remarkable upswing in sales for the coffee brand.

Compose Coffee

In December 2023, V, the Layover singer and the second youngest member of the highly acclaimed South Korean band BTS, took on the role of the coffee brand’s face, initially recognized primarily in South Korea. Taehyung transformed the local brand into a global sensation with over 12 million users in just 10 days.

Explosive Growth in Just 10 Days With Over 12 Million Users

Compose Coffee, initially a prominent name in South Korea, underwent a seismic shift in popularity after BTS’ V endorsed the brand. Within a mere 10 days, the franchise witnessed an astounding surge in its user base, exceeding 12 million users globally. V’s endorsement played a pivotal role in this meteoric rise, drawing attention from diverse demographics.

V as Compose Coffee’s Global Ambassador

South Korea’s major coffee franchise, Compose Coffee, strategically chose V as its global ambassador due to his universal appeal. Recognized as a ’21st-century pop icon,’ V’s collaboration with Compose Coffee is seen as a significant leap forward for the brand, anticipating even more substantial growth in the coming years.

Compose Coffee’s Statement on V’s Collaboration

In an official statement, Compose Coffee expressed its delight in partnering with a global artist of BTS’ caliber, emphasizing the anticipation of increased growth. The collaboration with V is hailed as a crucial step in Compose Coffee’s journey towards global recognition and success.

Massive Surge in App Users

Fueled by V’s unparalleled charm, Compose Coffee’s app experienced an exponential surge in users. Starting with less than 9.3 million users before V’s endorsement, the app welcomed an astonishing 2.6 million new users within a span of 10 days, propelling its user base to nearly 12 million.

Global Aspirations Charting New Territories

Buoyed by the overwhelming success following V’s association, Compose Coffee is actively considering global expansion. Despite originating in Busan in 2014, the franchise rapidly expanded to 2,200 locations across South Korea. Now, with V at the helm of its promotion, ‘Compose Coffee’ is setting its sights on conquering international markets.

Singapore Venture and Future Expansion

Highlighting its global ambitions, Compose Coffee successfully opened its inaugural store in Singapore in September of the previous year. The brand is actively contemplating the establishment of additional stores in the country, signaling its commitment to becoming a global coffee powerhouse.

It’s A Wrap

In conclusion, the collaboration between Compose Coffee and BTS’ V stands as a paradigm for successful brand endorsements, propelling the coffee franchise into a new era of global recognition and expansion. As V’s influence continues to shape consumer behavior, Compose Coffee’s journey from a local South Korean brand to a global phenomenon is undoubtedly a testament to the power of strategic celebrity partnerships in today’s dynamic market.

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