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How Uber Is Silently Becoming An Advertising Company

| Published on December 21, 2018

The business models of multinational companies have changed a lot due to the changes in the preferences of customers. Google helps you choose a link from lakhs of options, food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy play the role of serving you best food options and likewise, there are companies that act as an intermediate when it comes to the advertising world.

At a time when every business is going omnichannel, Uber has some plans to become the next big thing in the advertising industry. With UberEats, the company is all set to promote brands in the physical world.

Uber’s senior director and head of Eats product Stephen Chau has confirmed about the company’s intentions to become an ad company

“There’s a bunch of different ways we can work with restaurants over time. If we have all the restaurants on the marketplace and we give them tools to help them grow, then this will be a very efficient marketplace. They’re going to be spending those ad dollars somewhere,”

Chau recently said in an interview.


Uber is currently testing some markets with a design to catch up multiple orders from different customers placed at a single restaurant or nearby ones. With this strategy, a single delivery driver can pick up all the orders at once and then speedily distribute them to neighbors or co-workers. Uber is offering discounts to customers who are close to each other to pick the same restaurant in rapid succession.

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“$2 off your order — share a courier with a nearby order,” a promotional offer fro the company reads. Some customers actually play the Uber Eats Pool discounts like a game they can beat, waiting for the timer until they spot one of their favorite restaurants. Also, the company is giving a discount on food delivery by using machine learning to understand these are some restaurants it might make sense to order from.

Uber Eats also keeps an eye on what food people prefer specific to areas and they are trying to advertise brands related to the interests on their vehicles. With all the technology available, Uber is trying to become the Google of the offline market in its food delivery system.

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