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Top 8 IPL Teams According To Brand Value

| Published on December 18, 2019

Indian Premier League, an historical event that is about to hit its 13th edition has been India’s global testimony of success and rigour. The annual cricket T20 tournament that brings forth various regional teams of India, has the mighty bid for contestants and then have mind-boggling matches across the country, has had the heart of many cricket fans across the world.

The tournament had a whopping 330 billion minutes of broadcasting time in the past edition and has turned out to be formidable commercial entity. At the end of it all, it has given us 8 renowned brands in the form of teams with astounding brand values!

1) Chennai Super kings

With a valuation of $75.3 million, it has grown by about 90% since 2009. With three title victories and eight entries in the finals, CSK has always kept its head high. However, it was also the team that was suspended for two years in 2015 due to betting allegations but came back strong with a victory in 2018.

2) Kolkata Knight Riders

Having Shahrukh Khan and Juhi Chawla as co-owners, this one has a valuation of $66.5 million. The knights in purple and gold have been champions twice in the history of IPL.

3) Mumbai Indians

With an approximate value of $65 million, Mumbai Indians has a very high YoY growth from 2018 which is around 24%. It is also in 2019 that the Reliance Industries owned team won its fourth winning title, the only team to do it till now.

4) Sunrisers Hyderabad

The team that replaced Deccan chargers and has performed surprisingly well has a brand value of $59.6 million. With an amazing bowling side, they entered IPL in 2013 and had their first victory in 2016.

5) Delhi Capitals

With around 25% year on year growth, this one has a brand value of $54.2 million. The team was earlier called the Delhi Daredevils and it was only in 2018 that the name was changed. Their performance could use improvement as they have never made an entry to the IPL finals.

6) Royal Challengers Bangalore

Valued at $50 million approximately, RCB falls under the captaincy of the Indian team Captain Virat Kohli. Even though the team has a record of the highest score total, it has never won an IPL final but secured a second position in multiple seasons.

7) Rajasthan Royals

With $43.4 million as the brand value, it has seen many ups and downs since 2009, having just a net growth of 9% over the years. They won the first IPL season but failed to return to glory after being suspended for two years in 2015.

8) Kings XI Punjab

Ranking last with $40 million, it is co-owned by another Bollywood name, Preity Zinta. The team has usually ranked itself on the lower half of the ladder, with just a one-time performance improvement as the runners up in 2014.

The top 5 teams of the IPL have a combined brand value of $321mn which is India’s move towards competing with the big ones like the EPL and La Liga. As a nation, the success is immense and hopefully, IPL will maintain the growth.

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