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Top 10 Brands In Advertising As Reported By BARC Data For Week 22

| Published on June 14, 2020

The Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) India has issued the data for week 22 and the results are good. As per the data, there has been an increase of 5.6% in the total number of insertions and also saw more new brands in the top ten list.

Hindustan Unilever’s total insertion alone saw an increase of 29.6% from the previous week. In week 21, the total insertions for the top ten advertisers in the week 21 were 1,28,166 whereas it was reported at 135346 in the week after.

While in the advertisers’ category, Hindustan Unilever continued its lead to be the biggest spender on television, it registered a 29% increase in ad insertions from the previous week. Lux Soap, however, was on top of the list in the category of top 10 brands.

Lux Soap stood on the second position in the week before with 18769 insertions. In week 22 the insertion rate took a hike and reached at 25245 bringing the brand on the top of the list. The insertion rate was increased by 34.5% for the brand.

Horlicks which took the second place, saw an increase of 12% in its ad volumes to 15,810 insertions in week 22 as opposed to 14,088 insertions in week 21. Clinic Plus Shampoo climbed up the ladder to claim the third position as it increased its ad volume by 27.3% to 13,742 insertions in week 22

Interestingly, while absent from week 21 list, Dove Hair Fall Rescue and Sunsilk Black Shine claimed the fourth and the fifth position in week 22 with 12,287, 12,045 insertions, respectively.

Pears dropped two positions down from fourth to sixth as compared to week 21, where it saw the total number of insertions at 12037 while in week 22 the brand had 11614 insertions.

Santoor Sandal And Turmeric, Close Up Ever Fresh, Surf Excel Easy Wash, Lifebuoy Toilet Soap at seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth position respectively for the current week.

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