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Tata Motors Introduces Its BS6 Phase 2 Buses With Multiple Advanced Features

| Published on September 21, 2023

The introduction of BS6 Phase 2 emission standards is one of the key advancements for automobile manufacturers in India. With the aim of cleaner and more sustainable transportation, these new norms have been made to reduce harmful emissions from vehicles.

Being the leader in the market, Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles has been very quick to adopt these norms for their vehicles.

Tata Motors recently introduced its BS6 Phase 2 buses, which come with multiple advanced features that provide a host of benefits like fuel efficiency, improved safety and significant reductions in operating costs.

Leveraging all these advantages and offerings, Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles is promoting these buses with informative and engaging videos.

Here is a brief overview of these new and improved features along with the benefits they offer.

Fuel Monitoring System

Tata Motors BS6 Phase 2 buses come with a transformational Fuel Monitoring System. It helps track fuel theft detection enhancing security. It also provides real-time notifications, thereby improving performance and lowering operational costs.

Driver Monitoring System

Stressing on driver safety, the Driver Monitoring System equipped with a camera detects the driver’s facial features for any distraction or impaired driving and notifies any discrepancies regarding the same with an alarm. This helps reduce the probability of accidents due to driver distractions, thereby enhancing his/her safety.

Gear Shift Advisor

An intelligent Gear Shift Advisor suggests the perfect time to upshift or downshift. This helps lengthen clutch life and boost fuel efficiency, leading to economically profitable operations.

Hill Start Assist

Equipped with an informative feature called Hill Start Assist, the driver will be able to minimise accidents caused by rolling back on steep hills and slopes. The ‘Hill Start Assist’ switch on the dashboard activates its rollback prevention mechanism. This helps increase vehicle uptime.

Low Rolling Resistance Tyres

Using its patented tyre technology, the Tata Motors BS6 Phase 2 buses have tyres designed to reduce friction, thereby making the engine use less power to pull load. This leads to better fuel efficiency and longer tyre shelf life.

Electronic Stability Control

This safety feature helps correct steering using sensors that will help brake activation across multiple tonnage points. This technology will reduce risks due to understeering and oversteering on turns at speed, thereby providing enhanced safety for the driver and passengers.

Multi-Mode Fuel Economy Switch

Furnished with an innovative Multi Mode Fuel Economy Switch, Tata Motors BS6 Phase 2 buses offer their drivers two distinct mode options – Light and Heavy, to adjust to various road terrains and conditions, improve fuel efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Firmware Over the Air

With hi-tech Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) technology, drivers can update their vehicles with the latest mileage or better performance software. All this, without the need to visit a workshop for each update.

Truck Hub Unit

The Truck Hub Unit system  works towards increasing the service life of the vehicle, dispelling the need for greasing up to 6 years or 6 lakh km, thereby reducing labour costs too.

Ready Cruise Control

This feature enables constant vehicle speed without the need to continuously press the accelerator. This helps dispel driver fatigue, enhancing driver productivity.

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