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Started With Few Thousands Of Investment, This Ayurvedic Startup Is Now Earning Lakhs

| Published on January 23, 2020

The Ayurvedic sector of the country is a very prominent sector. As per the report of Confederation of Indian Industry, the Ayurvedic sector in the country is now worth Rs 30,000 crore. From Ayurvedic medicines, FMCG to beauty products, the Indian market is ruled by many big brands.

Apart from the vintage brands, many new startups have also emerged. And their biggest USP is 100% transparency. One such company that is working on the same principles is the Ayurvedic beauty brand, Just Herbs.

In today’s market, you will find a lot of beauty products that describe themselves as 100% Ayurvedic, Natural and Organic. But the reality is not very humbling. Many brands have been seen making false claims. This flaw has actually formed a basis of marketing and trust development among the customers for many startups like Just Herbs.

arush chopra just herbs

In 2013, Arush Chopra started Just Herbs in Chandigarh. She initially started selling the products online. But soon after the products gained popularity and the demand increased. Following which, Arush opened up outlets in Mumbai, Ludhiana and Chandigarh. Arush has said that his business model is based on the safety of its customers, effectiveness of the products and 100% truth behind its composition. This factor has made the product gain its identity in the market and among its customers.

Additionally, the company prepares products based on the feedback of its customers through social media and then launches in the market. Just Herbs also has distributors in South East Asia and the Middle East.

Roots Venture and Angel Investor understood the growing popularity of Just Herbs among the consumer and the company received an investment of Rs 10 crore 76 lakh in the Series A round. Just Herbs has gained a lot of momentum and growth in the market and it seems that the company plans on staying for the long run

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