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Snapchat Unveils Advanced AI Features, Introducing AI-Generated Snaps and Extend Tool

Snapchat has revealed that Plus subscribers will now have the ability to edit and share AI-generated images just like regular Snaps.

| Published on December 26, 2023

Snap Inc., the force behind the popular multimedia instant messaging app, Snapchat, is elevating the user experience with a comprehensive AI makeover. Introducing the innovative My AI chatbot, seamlessly integrated into the app, the company has now launched an additional generative AI feature. This cutting-edge capability empowers users to craft images based on text prompts and effortlessly share them within their network.

Snapchat Plus Users: Exclusive Access to AI Image Creation

Snapchat Ai features

Exclusively available to Snapchat Plus subscribers, the AI-generated image feature resides within the app’s interface. By tapping the “AI” button on the toolbar, users unlock a window where they can input text prompts or choose from predefined options. Whether envisioning “a sunny day at the beach” or “a raccoon riding a bicycle,” Snapchat’s AI brings these prompts to life, allowing users to personalize and share these AI-crafted images with friends and family.

Seamless Integration for a Unique User Experience

While resembling AI generative image creators like Bing Image Creator and DALL-E, Snapchat’s feature distinguishes itself by seamlessly integrating into the app. Users can now effortlessly create and share personalized snaps with a few simple taps, fostering a unique and integrated experience. Snapchat articulates, “In just a few words, use AI to create and send a Snap of whatever you know will make a friend’s day, even when the perfect scene is out of sight.”

New AI-Powered Features for Increase Creativity

In addition to the AI image generator, Snapchat introduces new AI-powered features designed to augment user creativity. One such feature allows users to artificially extend the distance between the subject and the camera, seamlessly filling in the background. By capturing a close-up shot and selecting the “extend” option within the camera interface, users can enhance their photos with this innovative capability.

Revealing “Dreams” Feature for Creative Selfies

Snapchat is rolling out the “Dreams” feature, enabling users to artistically transform their selfies based on specific themes. This feature, particularly focusing on photos featuring friends, adds a new layer of fun and personalization to the platform. Snapchat Plus subscribers will enjoy a complimentary pack of eight “Dreams” each month, providing a wealth of creative options for exploration.

Snapchat Plus in India: Affordable Access to Premium Features

Most of Snapchat’s advanced AI features are accessible to Plus members, Snapchat’s premium subscription tier. Priced at Rs 49 per month in India, Snapchat Plus offers an affordable alternative to its $3.99 monthly subscription fee in other countries. Plus subscribers gain exclusive features such as profile pinning, app icon customization, rewatch indicators, early access to experimental features, and the ability to pin conversations for quick reference.

How to Access Snapchat Plus in India

To unlock the exclusive features of Snapchat Plus in India, users can navigate to their Snapchat profile page, locate the profile icon in the top left corner, and tap on the Snapchat Plus banner. Elevate your Snapchat experience with the added benefits and creative possibilities offered by Snapchat Plus.

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