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Seen A Lot Of Celebs Thanking Brands For Sending Gifts. Know The Inside Story

| Published on July 28, 2018

These days it’s a trend, all celebrities are using Instagram as one of the most important platforms to interact and reach out to their audiences. If you follow stories of your favorite celebrities, you will find them thanking some or the other brand for sending them lovely gifts and all we end up feeling is that wow, they get so many gifts. But wait, there is more to it, it’s not just the gifts that they get, but these all are well-planned and paid brand endorsements.

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The brands shell out huge sums of money to associate with these celebrities and of course, they send them their best products too. What the celebrity is supposed to do in return is post the picture of their product and tags the brand. More often than not, these endorsements happen in stories, but if the brand has paid more, you might see the brand promotion in their feed as well.

These small endorsements are all part of a brand’s marketing strategy. When a celebrity tags a particular brand, curiosity to check what’s more to it, the fans/audiences end up landing on the brand’s page and the brand gets more followers and views and hopefully some conversions and sales too.

This endorsement trend was earlier more focused on Twitter, but with the growing popularity of Instagram, both celebrities and brands have taken this shift. Till 2 years back, one simple tweet endorsing a brand, by a popular celebrity would fetch him around 4-6 lakhs per tweet.

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In current times, Instagram is giving celebrities another way of earning huge amounts through brand promotions. One more benefit for the brand is that rather than signing one brand ambassador and pay him/her in crore, they use multiple celebrities to reach out to their audiences.

So now you all know, how the celebrities keep promoting one brand or the other and raking in big moolah for the same.

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