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Reliance To Disrupt Urban Infrastructure Scene With $75 Billion Megacity Near Mumbai

| Published on April 9, 2019

Just when we all think what next, Mukesh Ambani comes up with something unexpected. After the huge success of Jio in the telecom market, Reliance is looking unstoppable at the moment. The company has already given hints about starting an e-commerce platform to take on giants like Flipkart and Amazon and now he is planning to be the gamechanger in the urban infra game.


Reports from Economic Times and Business Insider reveal that Reliance Industries is on the stage of finalising its blueprint for setting up a megacity in the vicinity of Mumbai.

It is going to be Reliance Group’s single biggest “projects within a project” initiative, where every component of a project will be a project in itself, Business Standard quoted.

Details about Megacity

This megacity will be developed on the lines of Singapore and will have airport, port and sea link connectivity. The city will have accommodation of over half a million people and space for thousands of businesses.

Talking about the mone involved, the project will have as much as $75 billion of investments over the next ten years.

Experts believe that by all the measures, this project will write a new chapter for India because it can shape the whole urban infrastructure scene in the country by inviting more competitors.

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The history

Dhirubhai Ambani, the founder of Reliance Group had come up with the idea of setting up a world-class city in Navi Mumbai in the 80s for linking South Mumbai and Navi Mumbai by road. It looks like Mukesh Ambani is trying to fulfill the dream at a larger scale.

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