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Reasons Why Duroflex Chose Alia Bhatt As Its First Ever Brand Ambassador In 50 Years

| Published on July 23, 2021

India is home to many companies that have become prominent names in the international market. Many companies that were established many decades ago are now successfully run and managed by the second and third generations and so forth.

Duroflex, which is today India’s leading sleep solutions expert, started more than five decades ago. While the brand has always had a stronghold in the Indian and international market, it has pumped up its marketing game recently.

The brand has recently announced youth icon, and a leading actor of the Indian film industry, Alia Bhatt, as its first-ever brand ambassador for its next big campaign. The campaign will revolve around the motto to ‘inspire India to sleep better.’

Today, people have been leading very stressful life. With the extensive working hours and no time to rest, Duroflex plans to spread the importance of a restful sleep cycle and encourage people to upgrade their essential products like mattresses and pillows.

Why Duroflex chose Alia as its brand ambassador?

While talking about the collaboration, Smita Murarka, CMO, Duroflex, said that they wanted to associate themselves with an authentic voice that resonates with the new-age consumer.

Murarka also added that Alia Bhatt is the quintessential youth icon who has carved a niche by being fearlessly herself.

Moreover, Alia has always emphasized the importance of restful sleep for a healthy lifestyle. She has used her social media handles to show her ‘love for sleep’ pretty often.

Alia’s healthy lifestyle has also encouraged the brand to collaborate with her in order to reach out to the whole country on our shared commitment to sleep evangelism.

Alia’s Take On The Association

Alia has also commented on her association with Duroflex. She said as an actor, she leads a very time constraint schedule on a daily basis. To perform well in her projects, Alia relies on her sleep to help boost her productivity.

She furthers expressed her excitement to be associated with a ‘powerful brand like Duroflex’ that plans to create awareness about the importance of sleep and help India make informed choices while investing in sleep essentials like mattresses.

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