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Read Swiggy’s Master Plan To Grab Maximum Customers This IPL

| Published on March 28, 2019

Indians indulging in food is complementary to watching Cricket. A great evening, this IPL season involves your favorite team winning backed by good food. But, who wants to cook food and leave cricket?

Well, Swiggy and Hotstar have a solution to this. Cricket fans while watching the live match on Hotstar app will be able to order food from Swiggy without leaving the Hotstar app during the streaming.

Swiggy has tied up with online, shows streaming service, Hotstar for this Indian Premier League (IPL) season.


Order food online with Swiggy.

Swiggy is an online food ordering and delivery app which lets you choose your favorite dishes at your fingertips, and having it delivered wherever you are. Swiggy first delivered food only in the Bengaluru region. Soon it raised some funding and launched the Swiggy app, in May 2015.

It is now spread across 100 cities with 75,000 restaurant partners. It is growing each day and spreading its arms into newer dimensions which includes delivering grocery items. Swiggy, at present, is the leading food ordering and delivery platform in India with Zomato, Uber Eats and Food Panda as it’s biggest rivals. With the big fan base and love and support from consumers, it has expanded far and wide.


Last IPL, it was spread across only in 15 cities. Swiggy’s analysis revealed that last year there was an increase of 25% in online food ordering, last IPL. Bengaluru topped the list for pizza orders and Chandigarh spotted an increase of 100 percent for traditional Punjabi dishes.


Premium Streaming Platform in India

Hotstar is the largest premium streaming platform in India. Star India launched on 6 February 2015. Hotstar has more than 1,00,000 hours of movies and drama in 17 languages, and it also covers every major global sporting event.

About 30% of the IPL viewers watched the matches through Hotstar. This year, Hotstar is letting it’s audience an opportunity to invite, chat and compete with their family and friends. This will hence, attract more audience towards Hotstar, because who doesn’t love defeating others?

The Partnership

Hotstar, this year expects to 50% more viewers than the last IPL season. It aims to reach 300 million viewers. Swiggy with its partnership with Hotstar is looking forward to reach out and engage with old customers as well as grabbing new ones.

The tie-up will let viewers watch Cricket, on Hotstar, order food, without closing the Hotstar app. This also lets the customer complete the transaction on the spot.

Order food online while enjoying IPL

The strong correlation between cricket and food has led to this unique partnership and this will surely ensure, more audience to both the platforms.

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