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Ranbir Kapoor Is Wild Stone’s New Brand Ambassador, Here’s Why

| Published on June 7, 2019

Wild Stone is a popular brand which deals in men’s grooming range, such as body deodorants, talc, perfumes, soaps, and shaving range. The brand emphasizes on making one’s every moment worth celebrating and makes sure that one doesn’t just live it, but makes it memorable.

In line with the thought, Wild Stone, from McNROE, has made an announcement of partnering with Ranbir Kapoor, as their brand ambassador. The most loved youth icon of the Bollywood industry will be seen on the TV screens, advertising for Wild Stone.

Why Ranbir Kapoor?

As it is the news is very interesting, it will be more interesting to dive in and know more about why Wild Stone chose Ranbir Kapoor as their brand ambassador.

1. Youth Icon

A mind-blowing strategy to target the required audience. Wild Stone recognizes the power of youth in building the market, so naturally the brand thought why not bring in the most beloved youth icon.

2. In line with the core values

Ranbir is known for his keen performing skills in the industry. So is Wild Stone, for its performance in the men’s grooming range. Ranbir’s persona is completely in line with the core values of the brand, i.e. becoming a modern, confident person inclusive of masculinity, and thus being the brand ambassador is justifiable.

3. Mix of styles

Ranbir is a complete package of a mixture of style, attitude, and confidence, which the brand promises to provide. Ranbir, being a charming, confident and a graceful youth icon, can do justice to the brand’s basic motto in making a man confident, about using the product.

4. Resonance

Ranbir completely tends to resonate the cool demeanor and innate sensibility which the brand itself portrays in its products and advertisements. Ranbir’s successful career and his growing youth appeal resonate the aim of Wild Stone to drive the brand to greater salience on a pan-India level.

With the growing market in the male grooming in general and Deodorants and Fragrances in particular, the brand is delighted to have Ranbir on-board with them to scale them up in the market from their already increasing share of 15 percent.

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