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Rajasthan Royals: A Game Changing Marketing Strategy For This IPL

| Published on October 28, 2020

Rajasthan Royals has had a dedicated fanbase since its inception thanks to a mix of engaging and royal content. Their fans are truly impressed with the social media strategy that they follow. This has helped them keep their fanbase waiting for more, even if they don’t reach the playoffs sometimes. Even though a team can be playing a game, it is important to keep your audience hooked. The team did just that by winning over social media.

Rajasthan Royals: A Look At Their Social Media Footprint

IPL 2020: Squad analysis of Rajasthan Royals

Optimizing your social media is key for any brand to grow and flourish in the game. Thanks to their wit and thorough strategy so far, you can recognize Rajasthan Royals through these details on all platforms.

Facebook: 4.15 Million followers
Twitter: 1.3 Million followers
Instagram: 1.3 Million followers
Key Hashtags: #HallaBol #RoyalsFamily #IPL2020

Keeping sync with their jersey colours of pink and blue, the team maintains their social media postings with the same hues. Most of their posts do not have many edits as they like to keep things candid. A few of them however do utilise templates that indicate their rigour and fiery approach.

What Social Media Tactics Do They Utilise?

The Rajasthan Royals team keeps their fans entertained with a mix of all things trending. Check it out and see if you’ve come across any or all of them before!

Meme Marketing and GIFs

Meme Marketing is a popular method in today’s times that utilise the humour and wordplay of popular sitcoms, movies or user-generated memes to resonate to a certain situation. In this situation, they posted this GIF from the popular show ‘The Simpsons’ to beg for wickets when the team really needed one during a match this season between RR vs SRH.

A Candid Approach

The team members of the Rajasthan Royals group are known to voice their opinions on the present situation. This year, they spoke about playing during the pandemic and how they intended to take all safety measures.


A Knack for Something Royal – Podcasts

Unlike most other teams of the IPL fraternity, Rajasthan Royals is known to share various podcasts on their social media pages. Most of these are posted as full versions on YouTube, whereas snippets of the same are shared on Facebook and Instagram.


On a busy match day, you can also catch them conversing with fans on Twitter! They make sure that most of the tweets are responded to, which helps them drive a lot of conversions, especially during the match days.

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