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Popular Celebs Including Radhika Apte, MS Dhoni & Alia Bhatt In Trouble For Violating Guidelines By ASCI

| Published on April 17, 2019

ASCI is back in action with its latest move against Radhika Apte’s endorsement for Marico’s True Roots Botanical Hair Tonic.

As recent as now ASCI had investigated complaints against 415 advertisements out which 125 advertisers ensured corrective actions immediately after they received the letter from the Advertising Standards Council Of India. As for the remaining 290 advertisements, ASCI upheld complaints against 230 of which 106 belonged to the education sector, 61 to the healthcare sector, 32 to the food and beverage sector, 9 to personal care and 22 from the others category.

These advertisements were found to be in violation of the ASCI’s guidelines which included some of the biggest brands who are endorsed by the renowned and influential personalities of India like MS Dhoni, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt and even the King Khan of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan.

Adding to the list is Radhika Apte who endorses the Marico’s True Roots Botanical Hair Tonic. As per the ASCI, she was found in violation of celebrities guidelines laid by The Advertising Standards Council Of India.

In the advertisement, the product endorsed by Radhika Apte has made claims like “stop new grey hair”, “Jo naye safed balon ka aana roke, jad se”, “True roots ke 100 % natural extracts balonke jadonme jakar melanin bhadaye. 90 days tak regularly lagayen taki safed balon ka aana band ho jaye”, “Safed baalon ka jaldi aana jad se rokiye, with TRUEROOTS.”, “No New Greys in 90 days, get rid of premature grey hairs from the root” which the ASCI found was were not adequately substantiated.

According to ASCI, while the product may cause darkening of grey hair by virtue of Kesh Ranjak ingredients, the claims were found to be misleading by ambiguity and implication. The graphic in the advertisement and on the pack depicting grey hair turning black was considered to be a misrepresentation of actual product action.

The advertisements were in violation of the ASCI Guidelines for Celebrities in advertising and ASCI Guidelines for disclaimers in advertising as the disclaimers in the TVC / YouTube advertisements were not in the same language as that of the voice over (Hindi).

With ASCI’s growing list it looks like brands and celebrities surely need to enroll themselves for some brand endorsement lessons.

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