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Paytm Takes A Dig At Its Rival With Its Recent Ad Campaigns

| Published on April 19, 2021

Ambush marketing seems to have been the new trend in recent times. We have seen a few of the brands targeting their rival brands in their latest ad campaigns. While some might find it uncalled for, a healthy rivalry is always good for the economy.

Paytm for one has been following the trend too it seems. For its recent ad campaigns for IPL 2021, Paytm has released a series of campaigns targeting its rival UPI payment app, which we all know who is but let’s call it the ‘Slow Pay’ app.

While making an online payment through UPI, have you ever experienced the sense of nervousness running down your spine when the payment takes a little too long to go through? The awkwardness you feel while standing at the payment counter wondering if it is going to go through or not?

Or even the struggle of having transaction failure while the payment gets deducted from your bank account. Those are all very real struggles that many of us go through on a regular basis which Paytm has used very cleverly in these ad campaigns.

In these fun series of ads, the user seems to be struggling while making payments through other UPI apps. That is when the voice-over swoops in and says ‘Inhe Koshish Karne Do, Aap #PaytmKaro‘.

In one of the ads, a young man gets a fresh new haircut. And while his barber is waiting to get paid, the man nervously waits for its payment to go through.

In another ad, Paytm uses the meltdown we feel when the ‘app’ takes too long to make the payment.

Or what about when you’ve just had a lavish dinner at a fancy restaurant and the waiter is standing there with the check to be cleared? The app taking too much time does make the wait all too awkward.

In this one, a young woman can be seen pretty happy with his tailor’s work on her new dress. But when the time comes to make the payment, the delay is not so comforting.

Getting your car fixed can take a lot of time. But a UPI transaction should be swift and without any delay.

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