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Paytm Founder Attacks WhatsApp Payments Option, Gets Trolled By Competitors

| Published on February 15, 2018

WhatsApp’s payments feature has already started scaring big entrepreneurs in India. Companies are seeing this feature as a big blow to the Indian digital wallet market. The latest one to show concerns is Paytm’s founder- Vijay Shekhar Sharma.
Sharma seems very scared by Whatsapp and he is saying that Facebook wants to kill the open UPI system in India and wants to rule everything all alone. Here is what he wrote on Twitter:

Insted of getting support from fellow entrpreneurs he got trolled by them. Bibin Singh was the first to do so as he tweeted:

FreeCharge founder Kunal Shah joined Bibin but he didn’t use the name of Paytm clearly but we all can guess what he wants to convey by reading his tweet:

The topic was already getting intersting and then PayU CEO Amrish Rao expressed his views. He said “It’s good to see that Chinese companies are standing up against the anti India Whatsapp !”

He also wrote that WhatApp and UPI are getting targeted in his another tweet.

After reading all these tweets it is clear that the fellow entrepreneurs didn’t like what Vijay Shekhar Sharma said about WhatsApp payment’s option.

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