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Paytm Apologizes Users For The Panic Created Due To A Notification Error

| Published on January 7, 2019

On Monday 07.01.2019, Paytm took to Twitter to Apologize to its users for the inconvenience caused due to the technical glitch during an overdrive test.

What went wrong?

Late at night, multiple users received Push Notifications from the app as ‘Hey’ with a cryptic text ‘ghvkjfjgj’ attached, which confused customers. Twitter has blown up with reactions and a whole lot of confusion with different perceptions was created.

Why did the panic spread?

With multiple hackings and bugs dominating 2018, privacy issues left everybody worried. People were wondering if this was, in fact, a major large-scale hack happening right in front of their eyes. Paytm usually holds a high amount of electronic money for most users and is connected to various other apps like Uber, Zomato etc. Any issue here would cause ultimate risk for the user’s financial credentials. In fact, multiple Credit or Debit cards and Bank accounts are also linked with Paytm Accounts making it a dangerous play.

The Actual reality

Paytm later realized the big error that had happened all over the nation. Finally, they used Twitter to calm everybody down.

“Hi! We apologize for the test push notification you have received from Paytm App. It was a testing error by us. We are ensuring that such errors are eliminated completely in future. Thanks,” Paytm tweeted.

It seemed like the app was making everybody run on overdrive to test its latest technology. A test notification which was very cryptic seemed to actually arise out of sleep and boredom, multiple users on Twitter commented.

It’s not funny!

Mistakes as such are not only funny but can highlight a couple of other things. It shows how hard companies like Paytm are working, day and night, to ensure high-quality customer service and world-class smooth system. It also shows how a simple error can cause panic and confusion among millions of people due to existence of social media.

Well, all said and done, Paytm ensured that everybody was smiling at the end of the first week of 2019. A test gone wrong seemed to work in its favour after all!

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