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Patanjali Exits Top 10 Advertisers’ List On TV. Check Out The Complete List

| Published on February 19, 2019

Patanjali who has been a big player of FMCG products always ranked very high when it came to the top 10 advertisers list on television. But surprisingly this year according to the data provided by BARC Patanjali no more ranks in the top 10 advertisers’ list on television in 2018. In 2016, Patanjali was the third biggest advertiser on TV with 1.06 million ad insertions, which grew to 1.14 million insertions in 2017 across channels making Patanjali sixth biggest advertiser. However, in 2018, it does not make it to the list at all.

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The regular advertisers to appear as the first and second biggest advertisers on TV all three years are Hindustan Unilever and Reckitt Benckiser India, respectively. While the insertions of the leading advertiser (HUL) hasn’t increased much (6.65 million insertions in 2016, 6.78 million in 2017 and 6.71 insertions in 2018), the overall insertions have increased by 15% in 2018, over 2017. The total insertions on TV accounted to 58.9 million in 2016, increasing to 66.6 million in 2017 (13% increase) to finally reaching at 77 million insertions in 2018, across channels.

While Toilet Soaps has been the leading advertising category across the three years, the number of insertions for the category has gone up exponentially. In 2016, toilet soaps (as a category) had 2.63 million ad insertions, which grew to 3.05 million in 2017 and now, stands at 4.35 million ad insertions in 2018. Overall, six of the total top 10 advertising categories on TV have remained the same – all belonging to the FMCG segment. Perfumes/ deodorant, toothpaste, washing powders/ liquids, shampoos and fairness creams have all been listed amongst the top 10 categories across all three years between 2016 and 2018.

The automobile category has been the worst hit after demonetization and thus remained absent in the 2017 list, but this year it has bounced back and made entry again. Another surprise comes from the absence of both, cellular phone service and smartphone service in the top 10 categories’ list in 2018.

The e-commerce giant Amazon.in and toothpaste brand Colgate have listed in the top advertised brands across all three years. Amazon.in was the leading brand on TV in 2016 and 2017, however, it was this year replaced by Trivago, which placed 5.40 lakh ad insertions in 2018.

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