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Kantar Brand Footprint India 2023: Parle Reigns As India’s Top FMCG Brand

Parle retains its crown as India's top in-home FMCG brand for the 11th consecutive year, per Kantar's latest report.

| Published on July 29, 2023

In the highly competitive world of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) in India, Parle has once again emerged as the undisputed leader. According to Kantar’s 11th edition of the annual Brand Footprint India report, Parle secures the top spot for the 11th consecutive year, solidifying its position as the most chosen in-home FMCG brand in the country.

Kantar Brand Footprint India 2023: Parle Reigns As India's Top FMCG Brand

The report covers a vast array of FMCG brands, spanning Foods, Home Care, Health & Beauty, Beverages, Snacking, and Dairy, evaluating over 408 brands with more than 107 billion CRPs.

Parle’s Dominance in the FMCG Market

With an impressive CRP score of 7449 million, Parle takes the lead in the in-home FMCG category, surpassing other prominent brands like Britannia, Amul, Clinic Plus, and Tata Consumer Products. The CRP score considers the actual purchase made by consumers and the frequency of those purchases in a calendar year, making Parle’s consistent popularity a remarkable achievement.

Kantar Brand Footprint India 2023: Parle Reigns As India's Top FMCG Brand

New Entrants in the Billion CRP Club

The report also highlights the rise of new entrants in the Billion CRP club, including Balaji, Lux, Sunsilk, and Nirma, taking the total number of brands in this category from 16 to 28 over the last five years. Dairy brands, with their higher frequency of consumer engagement, have shown impressive growth, despite lower penetration rates. Over the past five years, consumer reach points have witnessed a remarkable increase of nearly 50%.

Kantar Brand Footprint India 2023: Parle Reigns As India's Top FMCG Brand

Britannia Leads Out-Of-Home (OOH) Rankings

In the inaugural Out-Of-Home (OOH) brand rankings, Britannia leads the way with 498 million CRP’s, solidifying its position as the most chosen OOH FMCG brand in India. Other snacking brands like Haldiram’s, Cadbury, Balaji, and Parle also make it to the top five OOH brands list.

Kantar Brand Footprint India 2023: Parle Reigns As India's Top FMCG Brand

Urban and Rural Contribution to Penetration Growth

Kantar’s report reveals that there is almost an equal contribution from both urban and rural markets to the penetration growth of FMCG brands. In the top 10 brands, rural markets account for 52% of the penetration growth, while urban markets contribute 48%, emphasizing the significance of targeting both segments for brand success.

Words From The Director

K. Ramakrishnan, the Managing Director of South Asia’s Worldpanel Division at Kantar, shared his insights on this year’s report rankings said, “Consumer choice is the ultimate strength test for a brand and Brand footprint has been a widely acclaimed ranking system to measure this for the past 10 years. As we see over the years, consumers are making increasing trips for purchase and that adds their options and in turn their choice. This is reflected in the constant increase in CRPS we observe.”

“As purchases for out of home consumption are on the rise and seem to have different choice triggers, we found it necessary to introduce a ranking specifically for these categories, where there is a significant out of home component,” Ramakrishnan added.

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