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These old Bajaj CFL ads are so illogical that they will make you laugh

| Published on November 23, 2018

Advertisements have been a means for the brands to communicate about their products and services to a larger audience, and out of all sorts of advertisements, the video ads that we see on TV and digital make for the most interesting content. Most of the times, we enjoy these advertisements during the small breaks between television programs, but some ads are so illogical that they make us question the creativity of people behind the ad. Here is a throwback at some of the Bajaj CFL ads, that you would find as the most illogical ads of all times.

In this first advertisement, a girl is showing her concern when her mother informs that the boy’s side family are coming to see the girl for a marriage prospect. Her biggest worry is that she is dark complexioned and feels that the boy is going to reject for this reason. As a solution to brighten her skin, she sits under a Bajaj CFL Light. I mean, how illogical is that, will a person with dark skin start wearing a bulb on top of their head to start looking fair? Pity the scriptwriter and the whole team, who didn’t use their brains at all while making this ad.

Well, one wasn’t enough, so Bajaj came up with yet another illogical ad for their CFL bulbs. This time around, a mother is concerned that however hard she may try, she isn’t able to make his son wear a nice and white school shirt and the son is upset about this. And hence, the solution is once again, to stand under a Bajaj CFL bulb and tada, the yellow shirt looks white and the boy is easily fooled. Coming from the house of Leo Burnett, a leading and very respected advertising house, one doesn’t understand whether it was their idea that Bajaj bought or Bajaj’s idea that they executed. Whatever may be the case, the result is another dud of an ad.

And last but not the least, one can’t even find enough words to describe this blunder of an ad. It’s so illogical, that it is almost annoying.

Well, looking at these ads all we can say is that both the brands and the advertising agencies apply some logic before coming up with such concepts. One should be able to connect with the brand rather than end up making fun of it.

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