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Netflix Opens Up 15 ‘Upside-Down Rifts’ All Over The World Right Before Stranger Things 4 Release

| Published on May 31, 2022

Netflix has recently rolled out season 4 of the widely famous Stranger Things. The show has received a lot of appreciation for part one that got released on 27 May 2022 having 7 episodes. Part two is set to be released on Jul 1, 2022.

The show has been a big hit with all the three seasons before and can be said to be maintaining the streak for the fourth time in a row.

While the plot and the acting of each and every cast member of the show can be credited with the show’s success, there is a lot that has gone into ensuring that season 4 follows the lead.

Netflix took upon all the major marketing trends from brand endorsements to influencer collaborations. However, the company has rolled out some of the most quirky and creative campaigns just before the release which has left us all in awe.

Just before the release of season 4, an Upside Down ‘rift’ appeared on Australia’s Bondi Beach overnight. Actors dressed in forensic costumes could be seen assessing the huge branch-like prop which glowed red in the center, a rift.

People gathered around Sydney beach to take a look at what was really happening. This was one of the most iconic ways a streaming platform could market its latest project. The company had the world’s attention and we were loving it.

In fact, Australia’s Bondi beach was not the only place where we saw the upside-down rift open. This guerilla marketing covered 15 major landmarks across the 14 countries which included the Empire State Building in New York City, Bondi Beach in Australia, and The Gateway of India in Mumbai to name a few.

Netflix Opens Up 15 'Upside-Down Rifts' All Over The World Right Before Stranger Things 4 Release

These outdoor marketing campaigns made a buzz all around the world at the same time. This gave Netflix the desired press and online mentions it needed. People took to social media to share the upside-down rifts that opened up in their country and the craze around the show grew immensely.

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