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TAM Report Reveals Most Advertised Categories During IPL 2023

According to a report by TAM, the 16th season of IPL witnessed advertising from 15 new categories, surpassing the previous season. The season concluded on May 29.

| Published on June 7, 2023

The recently released TAM Sports report sheds light on the advertising trends in the 16th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL). The data reveals interesting insights into the ad volume and the prominence of various categories during the tournament.

Pan Masala emerges as the leading spender, closely followed by the gaming industry, as matches from 38 to 74 witness a significant growth in ad volumes compared to the initial matches of IPL 16.

Ad Volume Growth

According to the TAM Sports data, the latter half of IPL 16, specifically matches from 38 to 74, experienced a remarkable 5% increase in total ad volume compared to matches played from 1 to 37. This indicates the growing interest of advertisers and brands in leveraging the later stages of the tournament to reach a larger audience. During the last 37 matches of this season, the number of categories, advertisers, and brands increased by 18%, 22%, and 9% respectively, compared to the first 37 matches, as stated in the report. In terms of new categories, Biscuits emerged as the leader, closely followed by Dryfruit.

Pan Masala Takes the Lead

Pan Masala emerged as the top advertiser during IPL 16, capturing the highest ad volume throughout the season. This reinforces the popularity and reach of Pan Masala brands in the Indian market. The ad campaigns by Pan Masala companies effectively captured the attention of viewers, positioning their products as the preferred choice among consumers.

Gaming Industry’s Impressive Presence

Source: TAM Report

The TAM report also highlights the significant presence of the gaming industry in IPL 16’s advertising landscape. Gaming brands, especially those associated with fantasy sports and e-commerce gaming, secured a prominent position in terms of ad volume. This showcases the growing influence of online gaming platforms and their ability to engage a large audience during the tournament. The report indicates that during IPL 16, the latter half of the 74 matches experienced a 5% increase in total ad volume compared to the first 37 matches of the tournament.

Implications for Advertisers

The TAM Sports report provides valuable insights for advertisers and brands looking to optimize their advertising strategies during the IPL. With the growing ad volume and the presence of diverse categories, marketers can leverage the popularity of the tournament to enhance their brand visibility and engage with a large and diverse audience. The report said, “During commercial breaks, 11-20 second ads were the most preferred, followed by less than 10-second ads. Ads with 40+ seconds had only 0.1% ad insertion share.”

Key Insights from the Report

1. Matches from 38 to 74 witnessed a 5% growth in ad volume compared to matches from 1 to 37.
2. Pan Masala emerged as the top spender, dominating the ad volume throughout IPL 16.
3. The gaming industry, with a focus on fantasy sports and e-commerce gaming, secured a substantial share of the ad volume.
4. The TAM report highlighted that in IPL 16, the top five advertising categories accounted for 52% of the ad volume, a significant
increase from 39% in IPL 15.
5. Both Sporta Technologies and K P Pan Foods were included in the top five advertisers for both seasons.


The TAM Sports report on IPL 16’s advertising landscape highlights the dominance of Pan Masala brands in terms of ad volume, followed closely by the gaming industry. As the tournament progresses, the later matches witness a surge in ad volumes, indicating the increasing interest of advertisers in reaching a larger audience. These insights offer valuable guidance for advertisers and brands to make informed decisions and maximize their impact during future IPL seasons.

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