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Meet Mukesh Ambani’s Quiet Negotiator Who Made Reliance’s Deal With Facebook Worth $13 Billion

| Published on June 16, 2020

Did you know that Mukesh Ambani’s financial success comes through more than one source? While that might be a known fact to many, what remains unknown is that there is a silent figure in Reliance Industries Ltd. that ensures that all negotiations are perfect, down to the T. Who is this mystery man? It is none other than Manoj Modi.

RIL new MD likely by April 1; Manoj Modi, Meswani are probables

Who is Manoj Modi?

Manoj Modi is one of the directors of Reliance Industries Ltd. and is the same man who came to Ambani’s assistance during the Reliance and Facebook deal in April 2020. Thanks to his clever mind and tactful suggestions, the company managed to bag a deal of $13 billion! You won’t see him too often in public because he likes to work behind the scenes, and is a prominent force behind everything Mukesh Ambani does.

Did Manoj Modi Always Work As A Negotiator?

At the beginning of the decade, Modi was primarily coaching newcomers into the company, being a mentor and guide to every employee. In fact he admits that there was a point where he did not understand strategy. Thanks to Reliance’s principle of making every employee earn money and find a business venture of their own, the life of strategizing and negotiating chose Modi, and helped him sail through for the better!

Are Modi’s Negotiating Skills Good?

They are beyond great, is what Reliance Industries thinks! His negotiation prowess came into play in the year 2016 when Jio networks had just launched its new telecommunications services in the market. At that point, Modi was holding simultaneous negotiations in different rooms and today Jio Networks is an unrivalled champion in the market.

We are yet to see how further his negotiation skills will take Mukesh Ambani and what other secretive plans of partnership they have for the rest of the year.

Source: NDTV


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