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Marketing Initiatives By ‘Jamtara Season 2’ That Created Buzz Around The Show

| Published on October 3, 2022

The second season of Jamatara premiered on 23rd September 2022 on Netflix India. And this time, the crime thriller drama had a new tagline- ‘Iss baar sabka number lagega’. Written by Trishant Shrivastava and directed by Soumendra Padhi, the show was trending at #1 in the country, after just three days of release, according to the OTT platform.

Marketing Initiatives By 'Jamtara Season 2' That Created Buzz Around The Show

Let’s check how the makers created a buzz around the show, using its premise and other promotional activities:

1. Release date Announcement

The drama revolves around social engineering operations like the massive phishing scams that snoop around small cities of the country. The makers started their marketing campaign for the second season of the drama with its release date being announced at the end of August 2022

2. Trailer release

Before a month of its release, the makers launched the show’s trailer, which was gripping and entertaining.

Along with the trailer release, social media sites saw a variety of posts that comprised snippets from the previous season, current season, and surprise elements as well.

Even dating apps these days are targeted by phishers. And to make this clear, the makers took scams shown in the show and presented them so as to make viewers understand how phishing attacks happen on dating sites.

3. Scamming viral stars

Urfi Javed, MC Stan and Anjali Arora of ‘Kacha Badam’ fame were scammed into spending heavily, just like it is done on the series Jamatara.

Releasing Season 1 episodes on Youtube

In order to create buzz around the second season, the first two episodes of the first season were released for free on YouTube. This was done to create curiosity and also ensure higher viewership.

Since the show is based in rural areas in the country, mostly all promotional activities were done in Hindi to garner viewership and also make it appealing to the masses, be it on the radio or social media.

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