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Love Conquers All: These Business Tycoons Had Such Interesting Love Stories

| Published on February 15, 2019

Love conquers everyone, once struck by. There is no exception. Even the greatest conquerors had once fallen for someone, somewhere, someday. Love is a feeling which can make someone move mountains. On the corollary, Love can strike someone, when they are already in the process of moving mountains.

Today, we will tell you about the romantic tinge that our ‘Business Tycoons’ who seemingly were married to their work, but have interesting tales about their Love Life.

The Road-Side Romeo!

It is a very interesting paradox, that Asia’s Richest man proposed to her love at a busy intersection in Mumbai. Yes, I am talking about Mr. Mukesh D. Ambani.

The story starts when Dhirubhai Ambani spotted Anita at a dance recital and called her a couple of days later to meet him at his office. Eventually, Mukesh and Anita met and one fine day, after few meetings, the billionaire industrialist asked her out at a busy signal in Mumbai, insistent on an answer amidst the traffic snarl.

The Childhood Crush!

Nyrika Crishna and Yeshwant Holkar locked eye in a manner of speaking, as toddlers, at the West Wind Nursery School in Mumbai. But from there they went on their own ways. Years later, as adults, they met again at the same city and eventually got married in 2015. For them, life came a full circle.

The Set-Up!

Pranay, the Quikr founder, was introduced to Tina by their mutual friends. According to Tina, it was all a setup made by her friend’s husband, to make her and Pranay get along.

It was in 2009, when Tina with her friend and her husband, went for a movie and there they introduced her to Pranay, which seemed intentional. But a girl was also present with Pranay, ensuring the set up to not look so obvious.

The Love over Telephone!

When Sanjay Reddy was engaged to Pinky, he was pursuing undergraduate studies in U.S. They used to talk to each other for hours over telephone. Once, on exceeding the telephone bill, Pinky’s father told her that it would be cheaper for him to get them married rather than deal with mounting telephone bills.

The Broke Coffee Dates!

If you are reading this, you can call it a situation where the following quote fits perfect- “Behind every successful man, there is a Woman.”

Bhavish Aggarwal, the creator of Ola Cabs, would often be broke then. He could not even pay for coffee. This is where Rajalakshmi, his now wife, would pay for the coffee bills. When later in 2017, Bhavish won the Entrepreneur of the Year title, he thanked his wife and exclaimed her importance in his life then and now. He said that his wife had never once complained about his physical and mental absence in their relationship.

Love is actually a very powerful. If in a pure form, Love can shape your life and make it blissful in its own contemporary way.” stands tall with these extremely cute loves stories of these businessmen.

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