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Look What This Newspaper Did With Trump That Took Them To Achieve Success At This Year’s Cannes !!

| Published on June 26, 2017

“Will he bully his way into the White House?” asks the headline.

Last year a whole lot of people witnessed a stack of aligned newspaper with Trump’s face. It became viral in social media platform and created a lot of buzz. That was a tricky way to stack the newspaper to attract the eye of an audience. To your surprise it has scored a gold Lion and two silver Lions at this year’s Cannes festival under the ‘Print and Outdoor’ category.

The eye catching graphics is worth of all the mentions and buzz.

Who said what?

Matthias Spaetgens, chief creative officer of Scholz & Friends in Berlin, about the work.

“As you can imagine, the US elections have been one of the biggest news topics last year in Germany… Our task was taking up this highly discussed issue, and at the same time inseparably linking it with the actual product itself. So we ended up showing nothing but a picture-filling pack shot of the newspaper—in a way [that] clearly pointed out the topic.”

“It seems it helps to have a picture to express your anger and disappointments, especially when you have no other weapons,” he says.

Other In blocks too

You must be surprised to know that this was not the only campaign by them.
The campaign includes covers on the migrant crisis and the European Football Championships, which also covered the front page of the newspaper.

The agency also made GIFs and a short TV spot. Let’s see how innovative can they get each day !

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