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This Kylie Jenner Tweet Made Snapchat Lose $1.3 billion In Market Value

| Published on February 23, 2018

Celebrities views have a big impact on the image of companies because people follow these popular names and their recommendation is considered seriously. A recent tweet from Kylie Jenner is the reason for the decrease in the price of Snap Inc. shares.
Kylie Jenner clearly said that she is not interested to use Snapchat anymore. There can be multiple reasons for this one of them being the motherhood that she is enjoying. Also, the recent changes that Snapchat has made to its app can be the other major reason.

Within 24 hours of this tweet, the prices of Snap Inc’s decreased more than 6 percent. Kylie’s tweet soon got viral on Twitter and she made her 24.5 million followers think about the issues in Snapchat’s user interference. Similar incidents have happened in past and this shows what a casual post from a popular celebrity can do on the image of a brand. Kylie Jenner’s followers also gave their views on this.

Feel like there is no connection anymore.

Definitely miss the old version!

If the snap queen don’t like it then there’s OBVIOUSLY something wrong with the update

Snapchat is a time of the past.

Although, Jenner posted another tweet in which she wrote “Still love you tho snap”. But we believe she has already done some damage on the Snapchat app.

In the year 2016, Jenner was the most viewed person on Snapchat by a big difference. Despite this criticism, Snap shares are still up more than 18 percent this year.

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