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The Journey Of Anchor – One Of India’s Fastest Growing FMCG Company

| Published on January 8, 2019

Anchor, the brand may not ring a bell but the moment you get to know their product, you’d remember it. So instead of letting you in on their products and their brand value, I’d like to take you through Anchor’s journey as a brand.

How it all began..

Anchor became a major brand in 1992 when it revolutionised the toothpaste market. They were India’s first producers of vegetarian toothpaste. They pioneered the technique of using calcium phosphate from rocks rather than Bone ash. This was quiet a commendable thing at that point of time. And with the majority of people being vegetarian, the brand got a nice open market. And as expected, their product soared. This was the product I was talking about earlier. If you are in your twenties or older, you’d remember watching commercials for their toothpaste.

Stepping ahead

The core value for the company is innovation in products and processes. And Anchor lives by it. With the success of their toothpaste, the company was kept busy for a long time until 2005 when they extended and ventured out into the Personal Care sector. In 2005, they launched their own beauty soap called Dyna. With just 76% TFM in the soap, the launch was met with consumer acceptance of the product.

Mission and vision

The mission at Anchor is to develop products of superior quality and do so with integrity in all business matters. Thus, use business to contribute and enrich society for the future. Now, Anchor is a well-established brand with two huge manufacturing units of their own so as to provide the customers with the best possible product. The products include their toothpaste, Dyna soap, hand wash and other personal care products.

For the good cause..

Anchor also does a lot of social work and Philanthropy notably in animal welfare, with their Anchorwala Ahinsadham, a hospital for Animals and birds and a shelter house for stray animals is ranked No. 1 in India.

For the society..

The brand seems to grow at a good rate and their good work for the society grows at a rate better than the brand’s value. This shows the brand’s concern for society. I’d like to end by saying that I wish other brands take inspiration from Anchor and indulge in more CSR work and work together for the society.

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