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Interbrand’s Best Indian Brands 2023 Rankings: TCS, Reliance Industries Take the Lead

FMCG sector led with a 25% CAGR, followed by Home Building & Infrastructure at 17% and Technology at 14% as the fastest-growing sectors in the last decade.

| Published on June 1, 2023

The report emphasizes the lasting impact of brands in fostering economic growth and generating long-term value. Amidst the dominant presence of technology, these brands exemplify a steadfast dedication to excellence and a strategic vision that has propelled them to the forefront of India’s business landscape.

Interbrand's Best Indian Brands 2023 Rankings: TCS, Reliance Industries Take the Lead

In the recently published rankings by Interbrand, TCS emerged as the front runner among India’s most valuable brands, boasting a remarkable brand worth of INR 1,095,766.

Securing the second position on the 2023 rankings, Reliance Industries, a prominent player in the diversified sector, achieved a notable brand value of INR 653,208.

Based on the report, the FMCG sector exhibited the most significant growth over the past decade, registering an impressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25 percent. Following closely behind were the home building and infrastructure sector, which witnessed a 17 percent CAGR, and the technology sector, with a notable growth rate of 14 percent. These sectors emerged as the fastest-growing segments in the past ten years.

As per the report, the home building and infrastructure sector showcased an impressive surge in growth, witnessing a remarkable increase from INR 69 billion to INR 344 billion over the past decade. Additionally, the technology sector experienced substantial expansion, with its value soaring from INR 693 billion to INR 2.5 trillion during the same time period.

According to the report, the technology sector has emerged as the front runner in terms of its contribution to the overall table value over the past ten years, surpassing the diversified industries. The sector has also secured prominent positions within the top five rankings.

The report highlights that the financial services sector continues to lead with the highest number of brands, with a total of nine representatives in the table. However, it is noteworthy that the home building and infrastructure sector has experienced a remarkable ascent, with seven brands making their entry onto the list since 2014.

Interbrand's Best Indian Brands 2023 Rankings: TCS, Reliance Industries Take the Lead

Furthermore, the report mentions that the combined contribution of the top five brands amounts to 40 percent of the overall value of the table.

In a notable development, this year marks the first time in the past decade that three technology brands, namely TCS, Infosys, and Jio, have secured positions in the top five. Additionally, the top ten brands featured in the table have achieved remarkable scores across three critical brand strength factors identified by Interbrand: trust, distinctiveness, and empathy.

As per the report, the collective brand value of the top ten brands reaches a substantial INR 4,949,920 million, surpassing the combined value of the remaining 40 brands on the list, which totals INR 3,360,137 million.

The rankings for 2023 unveil the following brands at the forefront

Interbrand's Best Indian Brands 2023 Rankings: TCS, Reliance Industries Take the Lead

Rank 2023 Brand Sector Brand Value (INR Millions) 10 year change
1 TCS Technology 1,095,766 153%
2 Reliance Industries Diversified 653,208 121%
3 Infosys Technology 533,238 197%
4 HDFC Financial Services 502,910 224%
5 Jio Technology 490,273 NEW
6 Airtel Telecommunications 465,535 58%
7 LIC Financial Services 337,920 73%
8 Mahindra Diversified 311,364 155%
9 State Bank Of India Financial Services 300,552 65%
10 ICICI Financial Services 259,153 113%

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