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Instagram’s New Feature ‘Flipside’: A New Era Of Private Posting

Instagram is taking proactive measures to protect creators from undesired interactions through the implementation of innovative safety features.

| Published on January 30, 2024

Instagram's New Feature 'Flipside' A New Era Of Private Posting

Instagram, a pioneer in social media, is exploring innovative ways to upgrade user privacy with its latest experiment—Flipside. Unlike the existing privacy controls, Flipside offers users a distinct photo grid, elevating the concept of private posting.

Let’s explore how Flipside could potentially transform Instagram’s dynamics and whether it might extend to other Meta platforms.

What is Instagram Flipside?

Instagram Flipside

Instagram Flipside, currently in the testing phase with a select group of users, aims to provide a private posting experience similar to Close Friends but adapted for the entire post feed. Acting as an alternative photo grid, Flipside lets users curate a limited audience for their intimate posts, going beyond the Close Friends Story sharing option.

The Concept Behind Flipside

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, remains uncertain about Flipside’s official launch. The platform is actively monitoring user feedback during this testing phase. The essence of Flipside lies in empowering users to carve out a distinct space for private posts, offering precise control over the audience for these personal shares. This feature caters to individuals desiring a more intimate sharing experience, exclusively tailored for close friends and family.

How Does It Work?

Once enabled, Flipside becomes accessible through a floating key icon on the home feed. Tapping this icon flips the feed to the Flipside photo grid, displaying private posts exclusively for the user. Friends included in the Flipside list will only see the posts on their timeline, marked by the Flipside key icon next to the name. A leaked video suggests that Flipside might notify friends added to the list, requiring mutual follows for inclusion.

Connection with Close Friends

Contrary to expectations, Flipside operates independently of Close Friends for Insta Stories. Users need to manage separate lists for Close Friends and Flipside, offering a nuanced approach to audience selection.

Launch and Future Prospects

As an experimental feature, the future of Flipside on Instagram remains uncertain. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, expresses uncertainty about its official launch, contemplating its potential redundancy given Instagram’s existing audience selection options. The possibility of Flipside integrating both posts and Stories or finding a home in other Meta platforms like Threads or Facebook remains to be seen.


In conclusion, Instagram’s Flipside represents a bold step toward reshaping how users engage in private sharing on the platform. While its official launch remains uncertain, the testing phase promises insights into user preferences, potentially influencing the feature’s evolution. Stay tuned as Instagram continues to innovate in response to user needs.

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