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Instagram’s Latest Feature: Ad-Free Feed Exclusively For Paid Verified Users

Instagram is experimenting with a specialized feed exclusively for posts from verified users.

| Published on October 26, 2023

Instagram's Latest Feature: Ad-Free Feed Exclusively For Paid Verified Users - Unveiled!

Instagram is revolutionizing its approach to paid verified users by testing a dedicated feed that showcases posts exclusively from verified accounts. This marks a strategic move within the Meta Verified subscription service, designed to offer enhanced benefits, including priority customer support and exclusive features.

Instagram is Testing a Dedicated Feed for Posts from Verified Users

The Meta Verified feed aims to streamline content consumption, providing users with direct access to posts from celebrities, influencers, and brands without navigating through their regular feeds.

Prioritizing Visibility with Meta Verified Feed

Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s head, introduced this game-changing feature, emphasizing its significance in elevating both businesses and creators. By prioritizing verified content, Instagram aims to enhance the visibility and discoverability of Meta-verified subscribers. The feed not only aggregates verified content but also adds intrinsic value to users adorned with the Meta verified tag.

Meta Verified Subscription

Meta Verified subscription screen

The Meta Verified feed is part of the broader Meta Verified subscription, which offers a suite of benefits such as a blue verification checkmark, robust customer support, and protection against impersonation. Available at $11.99 on the web and $14.99 via the app, this subscription model is poised to incentivize more users to opt for enhanced features, thereby driving increased demand and engagement.

Instagram’s Official Standpoint

Adam Mosseri provided insights into the new feature by sharing a screenshot showcasing its placement under “Following” and “Favorites” when users tap the Instagram logo. While Instagram is actively testing the Meta Verified feed, specific details about the scale of the test or eligibility criteria remain undisclosed.

Future Prospects of Exclusive Feeds

This move by Instagram aligns with broader trends in paid subscriptions across social media platforms. The testing of the Meta Verified feed underlines Instagram’s commitment to personalizing user experiences and unlocking new avenues for monetization. As Instagram pioneers exclusive feeds for verified accounts, the platform is poised to reshape how users engage with content, delivering a significant boost to the Meta Verified subscription service.

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