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Instagram Rich List Is Out: Check How Much Famous Celebs Earn Per Post

| Published on July 25, 2018

Almost every business and celebrity in this modern age is active on social media. The main reason for this is social media helps brands and celebs to connect with the audience. Also sponsored posts have become a great medium for income of popular celebrities. Reason? Their followership helps brands to attract new customers and increase sales.


Good news for Virat Kohli fans as he has successfully secured a place in top 10 among the most paid athletes in the world on Instagram. His performances on the field and stylish looks inspire millions of followers on social media.


A report analysed data to reveal a list of the highest paid celebrities and influencers on Instagram. Factors such as average engagement, the frequency of posts and number of followers were considered in this list. The list includes personalities from different fields like Sports, Food, Lifestyle, Travel etc.

Virat enjoys a great Instagram following of 23.2 million and earns 1 crore per post as per HopperHQ which makes him stand at number 7 on the athlete’s list.

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Overall Kohli is ranked 17th, and is on the top Indian celebrity on the list. American reality television personality and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner has topped the list and earns a million dollars per post. Below is the list of top 10 celebrities which charge most for an Instagram post

1. Kylie Jenner: $1,000,000

2. Selena Gomez: $800,000

3. Cristiano Ronaldo: $750,000

4. Kim Kardashian: $720,000

5. Beyonce Knowles: $700,000

6. Dwayne Johnson: $650,000

7. Justin Bieber: $630,000

8. Neymar da Silva Santos Junior: $600,000

9. Lionel Messi: $500,000

10. Kendall Jenner: $500,000

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