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How Mission Mangal Collaborated With An Array Of Brands To Promote The Movie.

| Published on August 20, 2019

Mission Mangal, starring Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan, Taapsee Panu, and Sonakshi Sinha, has hit the screens across India on Independence Day. The story of the film is based on ISRO’s Mars mission.

The movie has received a lot of attention from the moment its trailer came out. It is also seen that the movie was backed with a lot of marketing strategies from the beginning.

Movies have seen a surge in marketing strategies in the last couple of years. After the movie has completed its production stage and goes through all the essential technical procedures, comes the marketing stage. It is essential that the producers keep aside a good amount of budget for it so that the film does well on the box office.

Mission Mangal particularly took the last step pretty seriously. It tied up with a number of brands as part of its marketing strategy, even before its release.

And in the age of social media, these collaborations were all over Twitter and other online channels, making it visible for everyone to see the hype. Brands like Peter England, Paytm, Ixigo, Kajaria Ceramics, Sonata Watches, & Fox Star were among the many collaborating and promoting the movie.


While the brands were playing their part, ISRO took notice and also hailed the team of the movie on Twitter. Akshay Kumar replied to ISRO thanking the organization for their wishes.

Mission Mangal star cast was also seen speaking on more real and relevant topics at the JD Institute of Fashion Technology.

It is safe to say that the team was able to create the right amount of buzz on the social media which helped them to get the desired opening at the release date. From collaborating with the brands to attending talk shows on television as well as radio, Mission Mangal has left no stone unturned.

The Movie even became subject to the biggest marketing strategy of the decade, The Meme Culture.


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