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How Female Entrepreneurs Are Contributing To 27 Million Jobs

| Published on February 24, 2020

To start the article on a beautiful note, let’s state a fact. Around 13.5 million of India’s enterprises are operated and run and even owned by women out of 20%. Not just that they are running such successful businesses, they are also providing employment opportunities to around 27 million others.

Let’s get into more empowering details!
women entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs Working Remotely!

There are women working in remote areas such as rural areas who happen to account for the enterprises for around 31%. According to the reports, these businesses are all set to generate approximately 170 million jobs in the coming 10 years which is considered to be 25% of the total employment required to match the pace of the growing Indian population.

“We have seen that women are hungry for opportunities to grow their household incomes. Hundreds of women in rural India want to learn more about doing business and many have already made the start to enhance their livelihoods. We are already running a pilot accelerator program for rural entrepreneurs from our Internet Saathi network”, quoted by Sapna Chadha (senior country marketing director of Google India & Southeast Asia).

It’s clear how many things women contribute in and how it is always underestimated that they are contributing even more in the economic area of the country. The women labor in India is the lowest globally and stops at 25% whereas the UK is at 73% and the US at 67%.

75% of working Indian women don’t have a job that pays them off! The social obstacles along with domestic stress mostly keep women at a distance when it comes to big contributions. What do you say?
Source: BusinessInsider

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