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How Brands Are Helping ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ With Their Marketing Techniques

| Published on October 11, 2020

Baba Ka Dhaba‘ was just a small stall a while back run by an elderly couple that was struggling to make ends meet. But it so happened that now the place has become the most popular place in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar area.

With all the hate and bullying that clouds the social media nowadays, it has once again been proven that ‘social media’ can after all be put to good use.

Ever since the video of the old couple, telling their story with teary eyes, has gone viral, the Dhaba has been receiving a lot of love from the people. The site has become the selfie point for many and people have been visiting it in numbers to just try the tasty ‘mattar paneer’ and more.

The couple has become overwhelmed with all the love and support they have received and wish for people to come forward to help many others who are just like them.

Their story has gone so much viral that many brands have jumped in to ensure their contribution to help ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’. Though it may seem like the perfect marketing strategy, it surely is doing the trick.


Pepsi has rushed to ensure that the brand’s presence can be felt at the most viral food stall in the country at the moment. Pepsi’s billboards and banners can be seen all over the dhaba. Not just banners, Pepsi has also gifted a beverage cooler along with free stocks of PepsiCo beverages.

The brand did not stop just there. They have also sent ration for the couple’s personal use and for the dhaba. This is surely going to help the couple a lot.

Baba Ka Dhaba


Though Pepsi is the latest brand name to be seen associated with ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’, Zomato however was one of the first brand names to help Kanta Prasad and his wife. Zomato India was quick to reach out to the couple and listed them on their app.



Paytm too came forward to help the couple ensure easy monetary transactions and wished them the best with their tweet.


The dating app Tinder also shared a tweet recommending the dhaba for your next date.

‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ has been doing really well thanks to all the brands and celebrities showing their support. The couple is now looking to higher someone to help them run the Dhaba.

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