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Google To Invest 20 Million Dollars In Startups, Looks Forward To Increasing Hiring In India

| Published on July 26, 2017

Google Ceo Sundar Pichai made one of the most significant announcements in the recent events carried out by Google. In #GoogleForIndia event Pichai while delivering his speech said that Google wants to support India.

In order to support computing in India and help India towards getting more developed, Google India wants to invest 20 million dollars. Pichai said that in order to balance engineering and business and make it a growing ecosystem they eye to revamp their offices at Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

Google will increase hiring in Bengaluru. According to Pichai, there would be more android users in India than the USA by 2016. While speaking on enhancing wi-fi connectivity across India Pichai said,

“We will be rolling out 400 Google-powered public wi-fi by the end of 2016. Testing in Mumbai Railway station is underway currently. There are no plans to monetize now”

He also looks forward to speaking to a lot of web developers and entrepreneurs in the country to get in touch with them and understand the process better. It has been supporting Modi’s Skill India Initiative for long. For over past two years, they are aiming to train Android developers free in the country.

India has the second largest app developer population in the world with three million coders, Google said in a statement. It has the potential to become the number one developer population by 2018, with four million developers.

Google invested $ 4 million globally for such program but in India Google and Tata Trust are eyeing to give 1000 scholarships. The course will help to increase development skills and also understand app building in a better way. 300 code reviewers from all around the globe will make it easy for people who will register to learn better. It also gives exposure to kids learn the art of programming at a younger age.

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