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From Rs. 295 To Ruling Indian Market With 38% Share – Success Story Of Britannia

| Published on December 16, 2020

With Rs. 295 between them, a group of British businessmen created a company in a room of a small house in the city of Kolkata in 1892. They would have never imagined that this company would grow to become one of the biggest food processing companies in the country and that everyone would be aware of the name, ‘Britannia.’

The beginning

After being founded, the company was registered as a public limited company in 1918. It quickly gained the love and trust of the people because of its high quality. During the second world war, it was given a contract by the government to supply biscuits to the members of the armed forces.


By 1924, the company had grown enough to enable the owners to open a plant in Mumbai. Soon, this plant and a new one in Kolkata were made fully automatic. A new plant was also established in Delhi where the company first began making bread in 1954. It grew at a great pace leading to the establishment of a new plant in Delhi after a few years.

Within a few years, after the success of their bread in Delhi, they began making bread in Kolkata and Chennai as well. In 1979, they went from being Britannia Biscuit Company Limited to Britannia Industries Limited, thus, beginning a new era for the company and for food processing in the country.

Building the brand

After 1979, the combined sales of the biscuits and bread allowed Britannia to grow at an exceptional pace. However, the brand’s popularity was still limited to the big cities of the country.

They realized that they needed to expand their brand name in order to become the go-to company for everyday food items. This led to the beginning of manufacturing dairy products in 1997.

From Rs. 295 To Ruling Indian Market With 38% Share - Success Story Of Britannia

Along with that, they managed to start several manufacturing plants across the country and establish a good reputation for themselves. In the same year, they introduced some of their most popular products to date- Tiger biscuits, Checkers, and Jim Jams. These products became very popular because of their quality and affordable prices.

Owning the market

Seeing the success of their products, the company decided to expand its product line in order to create something for everyone. Today, Britannia produces some of the most loved biscuits in the country including Bourbon, Good day, Milk Bikis, etc.

From Rs. 295 To Ruling Indian Market With 38% Share - Success Story Of Britannia

These brands are not just popular in India but abroad as well. At present, Britannia’s market share is about 38%, making it one of the biggest brands in the market.

Besides the great financial statistics, the company is loved and trusted across the country as well. In fact, it has repeatedly featured in the list of India’s 100 most trusted companies.

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The story continues

Britannia’s success story is nowhere near its completion. The company is still growing at a great pace and provides employment to a massive number of people all over the country. People’s love for its products is only increasing as time passes by and thus, it keeps becoming stronger than other companies in the same industry.

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