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Five Things To Learn As A Digital Marketer From IPL

| Published on February 19, 2020

VIVO Indian Premier League 2020 will kickstart on March 29th, 2020 at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, BCCI announced yesterday. Well, the only thing to be noted down in the previous line for a digital marketer is the word ‘VIVO’, and that’s where marketing starts. Like this, the whole IPL is a marketing bonanza for brands, and digital marketer has a lot to learn from IPL.


Sponsorship #Association

The first thing a digital marketing executive can learn from IPL is the role of consistent association with the target audience. Now for two months, the word VIVO IPL 2020 will be chanted thousands of times. It will be everywhere on social media, newspapers, and news channels. Obviously, any brand would love to have such wide exposure. Thus, a marketer can learn, sponsoring the right event at the right time can build awareness from nothing to paramount.

Timings #Smartness

Timing plays a very important role in digital marketing such as at what time your ad should display to users. IPL teaches this also. All the matches are scheduled on 4 PM and 8 PM. On weekdays, one match is scheduled daily at 8 PM, and on weekend, two matches are scheduled at 4 PM and 8 PM. The whole purpose of this schedule is to make sure more and more people can watch IPL matches on ground, TV, and smartphones as it is a fun time for most people.

Influencer Marketing #Credibility

If someone needs to learn how influencer marketing works, IPL is the best place. Each team has the following, each team has stars, and each team has brands to promote. Hence, brands promotion by influencers instantly gives brand awareness to brands. This tells a digital marketer when is the best time to invest on influencers.

Behind the scenes campaign #SomethingOrganic

People love to know about their favourite stars life. Thus behind the scenes campaigns by the teams in the IPL ensure that IPL franchises care for their fans. A digital marketer can learn that it is not all about advertising, advertising, and advertising. You also have to provide something that resonates with users.

Contests #Engagement

The next thing to learn is engagement. Despite doing all, you have to make sure people aren’t getting bored. There should be something to involve in the real contest. And social media contests usually do the trick for brands and brands got necessary engagement, which is very important for the success of an advertising campaign.

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